Product Launch Strategy #5 Structure Your Solution For Maximum Appeal

Product Launch - Quick Start Action Pack

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In product launch strategy #3, we recommended that you write your sales copy before you create your product because it will focus your mind on the benefits you want to deliver to your new customers. Now we’re going to look at how to structure it so that your buyers take ownership of it AND ensure that you reduce your refund level to the bare minimum.


Have you ever bought a digital product and never really taken full advantage of that new resource? A lot of people do and never get the benefit they should from it. That’s not good for them and it’s not good for you either.


You may have made some money but your goal when you set out on this journey was to help your core audience overcome some pain or frustration. If they did not consume your product, you failed… but it’s not your fault


Here’s how to not make the same mistake again…


#1. Quick Start – Make it easy to START consuming your product. The moment your new customers get access to it is essential give them a quick start action pack which will immediately deliver 3 quick high-value wins they can put to work there and then.


#2. Make Those Quick Wins a natural part of their first experience


#3. Work those quick victories into your sales material so your buyers know that they can get results quickly and easily without having to wait until they have completed the whole course before putting what they have learned into action.


#4. Build in quick result action packs before each major section to encourage your buyers to complete the program


Structuring your product or service so that your clients can see results quickly and feel they are getting value for money requires fore thought and planning. Start your product development process by taking the big benefits from your sales copy and laying them out in a logical progression.


Then drill down and decide on which feature of each section will deliver the biggest result quickest. Put that in your action pack


This is pretty easy stuff to do – and it’s critically important to encouraging your clients to take action… and ownership of your program. Think about it: If you could avoid 50% of your refunds by doing an hour’s worth of work, would you do it? I hope so.


This is one guaranteed way of ensuring that you keep more of the revenue from your new product launch. The other is to get your product launch strategy evaluated by a fresh pair of eyes...



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Rory Ramsden