Product Launch Strategy #4a Build Anticipation With Your Email Sequencesa

Product Launch Sequence

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Your product launch is just a sequence of events, be they online or offline, the same system applies. Leading up to each one is a sequence of emails designed to build anticipation and excitement. After each one, there are two further sequences to put together.


Let no man say that copy writing is not an essential aspect of your launch because it is probably the most important.


You may get freaked out by the idea of sending multiple emails per week to your ‘house list’. You are right to be concerned.  They subscribed because they wanted to received regular updates from you. You have a kind of unwritten contract with them that you should not break.


So what’s the solution? Well, when you are in the momentum building stage of your product launch strategy, you should be squeezing new subscribers onto your ‘launch list’. You will use a different lead magnet entirely focused on attracting people on to this list.


This is the time to invite people on your house list to transfer to your new launch list. No doubt, you send them regular emails anyway so make a point of writing a sequence to nudge them over onto your new list. Don’t vary the frequency they are used to…


Now we have got the ground rules set, let’s look at the sequences I mentioned earlier in a little more detail…


Sequence #1- This is the one that moves you from momentum building to the start of your pre-launch sequence so the first mail in the series is super important. It’s the one that jolts your audience out of their collective reverie. After this ‘Wake Up Call’ which should create curiosity, you follow up with news about your first event and what they can expect to learn when they attend. Focus on building curiosity, getting people to register and counting down to event time.


Sequence #1a – For all those who attended your webinar – Thank them for being with you and reassure them that they were by no means alone. Then move into the ‘How Did I Do’ part of the series where you invite them to do a super quick survey. Asking feedback for feedback like this surfaces questions – offer an incentive for the best one – which may actually be objections in disguise. Deal with these in your next event


Sequence #1b – For all those who did NOT attend – News about the replay and inviting them to select the most convenient time by registering now. Introduce scarcity by making this available for a limited 3 or 4 hour window. In the run up to the replay, send a series of mails counting down to replay day. There are All those who register will moved onto a second launch list with the original attendees.


OK, so that’s a set of three sequences for one pre-launch event. You will have 3 at least so rinse and repeat this set for each sequence remembering that each set will have to be written specifically for the event concerned.


Beyond this set there are 5 other sequences running up to launch day, during your launch and after your cart is closed


But for the moment, here’s a quick word of reassurance on ‘unsubscribes’. Within reason, these are to be welcomed.  Your aim is NOT to build the largest list possible but to build the largest MOST RESPONSIVE list possible. There’s no point on having someone on your launch list who is not interested in what you have to offer.


And remember that up to 20% of your mails may never be delivered at all. They’ll get caught in spam filters for instance. That’s another reason for using email sequences.


Here are 4 takeaways…

* Your unsubscribes will be far fewer than you think.
* During your next product launch, unsubscribes will decrease even more, because your list will be used to expecting great free content.
* Between launches, your list will grow.
* Most sales in your launch period will come in the last two days.


I don’t want to overwhelm you by listing all the email sequences you will need let alone the amount of other copy you will have to write for your squeeze pages, lead magnets, sales letter  and videos but suffice it to say that writing copy that really ‘moves’ your prospects either by strongly engaging with the conversation going on inside their heads or by succeeding in getting them to take action or both is crucial if you want your new product launch to be a success.


If you have a product launch coming up in the next 6 months, getting a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your marketing strategy will pay huge dividends on launch day. Right now, I’m offering to do this for a very limited number of subscribers completely free. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Book your launch evaluation now…



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