Product Launch Strategy #4 Boost Your Credibility and Authority By Giving Away Real Value

Product Launch Value

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The idea of giving away something that you value to your customers may seem like a really scary idea. After all, you’re in business to make money and boost the ROI of your new product launch to the maximum. But bear with me, there’s method in this counter intuitive idea. You see, moving the free line and proving to your prospects that your advice really works will boost their trust in you and their excitement


The buzz builds because you have helped them get closer to their goal.


What you give away doesn’t have to be “big,”  and complicated to produce. By making a series of simple videos showing your audience a quick way to do something they have never managed to achieve before will be really valuable to them and take little time to produce.


This results in advance strategy is bound to boost your credibility and authority. The hidden bonus is that you will also show that you are normal friendly human being just like them.  There’s no hype involved. Your prospects demonstrate to themselves that your advice works. This is the most powerful proof you could ask for.


Doing this means you earn a place in your readers’ hearts, and then selling becomes much, much easier. They forget about your competition and see YOU as the ONE person they can totally trust. And then you keep that trust by delivering, over and over again.


It worked for me, and there’s nothing preventing you from copying (and profiting) from this strategy.


Now let’s talk about how YOU can get the same benefit for YOUR business.


Use this strategy to:


#1. Make your pre-launch content magnetic to potential buyers
#2. Create a resource you can leverage to build momentum leading up to your next product launch and grow your list of qualified prospects


Here’s how to do it:


#1. Write down a sequence of 4 actions that your prospect has to take to get closer to his goal
#2. Either use Keynote/Screenflow video or Power Point/Camtasia if you have a PC to make a simple video explaining how to do each one.
#3. Use those 4 items as your pre-launch content
#4. When you’re done with your launch, use the free content as incentive for people to join your list.


Being determined to deliver real value to your people takes work but they will pretty soon pick up on the fact that you are giving them stuff that they want more than anything. The law of reciprocation will kick in and before you know it, your sales will climb and so will the social proof as demonstrated by comments on your blog and Facebook business page.


If you want your new product launch to be all you ever hoped it would be, first pay it forward and show your audience that you really can help them get to where they want to be…



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Rory Ramsden