Product Launch Strategy #3 Write Your Sales Letter Before Anything Else

Product Launch Audience

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Now this may seem back to front but after getting to know your audience 1000 times better and doing the same with your competition, you are ready to write your sales copy armed with your product launch core concept as you are. Doing this before you create your product actually ensures that it is geared towards the challenge that your market is facing rather than the other way round.


Your sales letter, after all, is customer centric. It reflects the hopes, desires, pain, frustration and most of all the major problem that your product or service will be designed to solve. Writing it first crystallizes all your research and forces you to think about the features, advantages and benefits that you have to build in


It puts you in the right frame of mind and makes you apply your expertise to the market’s pain rather than creating a product and then trying to justify it later with your sales copy.


And NO… It does not make any difference if you’re going to use video in your product launch sequence. It still has to be scripted. Perhaps even more tightly than ever…


Now I’m not saying that this first draft is anywhere close to the final version but it will drive you in the right direction. It will give you a vision of what you want your product to look like in its finished state. You will certainly want to revisit it later both for guidance and to upgrade the features, advantages and benefits as you think of more to add.


Getting these substantial first steps right makes all that is to follow in your new product launch sequence easy. Your prospects will be predisposed to listening to you. Engaging them will be easy. And its all because you took the time to focus on your market, come up with a core concept to rock the market and write copy in the language that your customers expect.


Next up is step #4, your launch story which will build on your sales letter and…



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Rory Ramsden