Product Launch Strategy #3 – Mine Your Assets

Product Launch Assets

#1 Selling Beer


This is a wickedly effective product launch strategy that will boost your conversion rate thanks to your power packed offer


So stop what you’re doing and pay attention

This launch strategy is all about digging deep to identify the benefits that your product offers as well as putting your hand on hidden assets that you can use as bonuses during your pre-launch sequence


Some of these may be obvious and some may not. I mean that the ones that are not so obvious may need to be re-purposed so you can stack more value into your product launch offer.


These probably fall under the ‘Law of Unintended Consequences‘.


If you ransack your hard drive you’ll find useful assets that you have probably never knew you had. Claude Hopkins – the father of marketing – famously did just that with a failing beer company. Hopkins was hired in 1919 to create an ad. The company was drowning in debt and failing fast. Bankruptcy loomed. Beer sales were dismal. Market share was through the floor, just 15th in terms of U.S. sales.


Hopkins insisted on making the trip to Wisconsin to visit the brewery. Like any good product launch manager he was intent on surfacing the unique value that the the company built into their product. He wanted to know what – if anything – made their beer remarkable. He knew that it was impossible to tell an engaging story or create a crushing offer without knowing every detail of how the product was made and what values the company had.


Hopkins had to find an inspiring ‘hook’ with which to transform the market’s perception

The Wisconsin executives could see nothing exceptional in their brewing methods. They had lived with them every day for as long as they could remember. To them there was nothing special about how they made their product


They knew that their competitors also used deep drilled wells to get the purest water and stopped contaminates leeching into it with glass enclosed rooms. They knew that the competition cleaned, re-cleaned, and sanitized their bottles a dozen times and may even have used the very same yeast.


What they had overlooked was that the man in the street, the beer drinker… Their customers had never been told how much care and attention was being lavished on their least favorite beer.


But Hopkins knew he had found the key that would turn beer sales round…


That’s amazing” He cried “Why haven’t your advertising people told the world about this truly remarkable brewing process?”


The executives just shrugged… “Our competitors use virtually the same process for their beer too


That may be so but we’ll be the first to lay out in detail just how much time and effort is put into ensuring that the taste of every bottle of beer that leaves the factory is as good as can be !” replied Hopkins


Just six months later, they had the #1 seller in the country… because the market now realized the incredible value that was bottled into this beer.


Hopkins had brought a new perspective to the company’s marketing and in doing so had transformed their offer into one that was perceived¬† as irresistible by the market


In the 93 years that have passed since then, nothing has changed. You too should be using the same principles in your product launch as those established by the father of modern marketing, Claude Hopkins.


What you may consider mundane and normal, your core audience may see as being truly remarkable so when you are digging through all your digital files that with just a bit of tweaking what you have in your hands could bring untold value to the market.


As a product owner or publisher, you probably already realize that you’re no product launch expert and so you’ll need some help to make sure yours is a success. After all, the future of your business depends on it! Find out how we can help to get your product launch ready. In fact, it would be a good plan to find out what’s in it for you too!


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Rory Ramsden