Product Launch Strategy #2 Create Your Core Concept

Product Launch Core Concept

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In product launch strategy #1 we zeroed in on the core desires and problems of your audience. Armed with this information you are now ready to move to stage #2 which is to create your core concept. This is your laser-focused, benefit driven, exciting and original big idea. It will instantly give your prospects the gist of what your offer is all about.


Your core concept is the unique mechanism that sets you apart for your competition by expressing a new and original idea that may create a micro niche within the main one in which you are working. As such, you will become the default solution provider and following your first product launch the trusted adviser to a small army of buyers


As the trusted authority, you will command higher prices than ever before. You will attract new prospects on autopilot and convert them into buyers more readily. Your competitors will become irrelevant because they don’t address the core issue so powerfully. if they try, they will be seen as ‘jumping on the band wagon’ that you created


Any product launch that you do – and you should plan on doing a whole series – will gain more momentum and more sales than you thought possible. Your ROI will be maximized too.


For an example, look at how every successive product launch that Apple does seems to make more sales and bring in more money than the last. It’s competition is left playing catch up and appears to be saying ‘Me Too’ when they market their Ipad-like tablets.


Your core concept will cut through the noise that is distracting your prospect and grab their attention.  It will explode in their minds to create an insatiable desire for your product or service. If you want to create a one for yourself and boost the impact that your new or existing product has, click here…



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Rory Ramsden