Product Launch Strategy #1 Know Your Prospects 1000 Times Better

Product Launch: Get Your Customers On The Phone

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If you really want to zero your offer in to your prospects core desires ready for your product launch, there is no substitute for getting on the phone with a few existing customers and spend at least one hour with each of them, drilling down to find out what they are working on and why.


I ask them about their track record.  What motivates them. And how they discovered their niche. I ask them what products and services they bought from other people, what they liked about them and what they hated. They tell me what their goals are and how they will know when they have achieved them.


A trend pretty soon appears. Some people complain that they don’t really have a way to position their product. Others are getting stuck on structuring their launches properly. And still others may have a great product but little idea as to how to take it to market in a systematic way.


All this information gives me fresh insight into how I can help them get to where they want to be in life. Having such an intimate knowledge of the challenges they face and the problems that they are encountering is crucial for your product launch too.  What makes your launch successful begins way before you start your pre-launch sequence. It starts when you get inside your customers’ heads.


Here’s how to use this strategy to create your next “home-run” product or service from scratch, or boost the impact of one that already exists by tweaking it to make it absolutely irresistible to buyers even if you don’t have any customers…


#1. Make a short video, explaining how you can make your prospects lives better using a simple system and offering to do a one-two-one call with them to help them move towards their goals for FREE. – (Here’s my launch valuation video for you to model)


#2. Get them on the phone for 60 minutes and give them the best advice you can. Before you can do this you need to know more about their situation – their hopes, their fears, their goals etc – This is your chance to drill down and validate your market research


#3. Record the call and make sure that you give the MP3 to your prospect so they can listen to it again. Then go through it yourself and note down their major sticking points.


The reason this works so well is because the people who put their hands up and book a call are your “most likely buyers” and the insights they give you are like gold or it will be when you have synthesized all the data you have accumulated into your new product launch by integrating it into your offer either as part of the core product or as a supporting bonus.


The only prerequisite is that you have to be a good listener…



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Rory Ramsden