Product Launch: Stick Strategy #1 – Saying Thank You Pays…


When you close your cart on your product launch, the real work begins. But before you start to focus on over delivering on your promises there are a few small details to deal with. The first and most important is to say ‘Thank You’ to your new customers for their business. It means a lot to them when you take the time to do this and it is very important because they feel acknowledged.


Showing you care is very important.


It’s the #1 thing on your stick strategy ‘to do’ list. Simply writing a friendly email is a good start but if you combine this with giving them a gift, it’s better. You might think of this as an unannounced bonus but refer to it in your email as a small token of thanks.


This is not just some throw-away you happened to find on your hard drive. It’s something that your new clients will value highly and stacks even more value on to the offer, you made in your product launch


Letting your customers know you appreciate them is free, easy … and surprisingly rare.


Taking it to the next level


Sending an email is quick and easy. You can build it into your auto-responder. But why not take it to the next level by asking your new clients to call a free phone number to listen to a personal message from you.


Here’s a sample script to use…


Hi, This is Rory, I’m sorry I missed you. Thank you for your order. I look forward to working with you over the next 6 weeks. As a special token of my appreciation, please accept this thank you gift from me. Just go to to download my special report – the Proof Series (value $297) –  in which you will learn 21 ways to position yourself as the thought leader in your niche. Soon you will be attracting new subscribers almost on autopilot and selling more stuff for higher prices than ever before.


For even faster service, call this toll free number 1-800-XXX-XXXX within the next 24 hours and we’ll get the proof series right off to you. Speak soon… Oh, and Thanks again


So remember “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” – Christopher Morley – Make saying thank you your #1 product launch stick strategy…



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Rory Ramsden