Product Launch Stacking Compounds Your Results

Product Launch Stacking

Top Dollar ?


Stacking one product launch on top of another will leverage the power of one to sling shot the next into a higher orbit. This momentum will take your business to undreamed of revenue levels because each time you will take the feedback and the lessons learned and implement improvements in your offer and your sales funnel


There’s more to this strategy The first launch will position you as the expert in your micro niche. The second will build on that. The third will have affiliates beating a path to your door.


There are two factors at work here


#1. An increase in the number of sales each time you execute a product launch

#2. A rise in the value of each sale


This pricing power will come from the development of your product as it becomes even more tightly focused on what your market wants to buy and the evolution of your product from 1.0 to 2.0 will increase its perceived value as you add perceived value. And finally, these will be compounded by the fact that as the recognized market leader, you will be able to charge top dollar and have your clients love you for it.


The more specialized your expertise, the more you can charge for it. Just look at the legal profession or medicine to see the truth. These are two hyper sophisticated markets with specialties within specialties. That’s because as a market evolves it fractures into smaller and smaller micro niches. And each time it does, the value of the advice is increased


So if you are in a market which has a few dominant players and you’re finding it hard to gain traction, a little lateral thinking should identify a niche within a niche that you can exploit and quickly establish as your own by stacking launches. Just doing one and calling it quits, is tantamount to leaving a ton of money on the table



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Rory Ramsden