Product Launch: Shock Value

Product Launch Shock Value

Shock Value


You may have hired an awesome copy writer. One that has an intimate grasp of human psychology and an instinct for putting his finger on the pain point that will drive your prospects to buy from you. But if no-one gets to read that copy, you have wasted your money and his time.


Your mission is to get your audience to stop, take a few seconds and read the opening lines or watch the first 10 seconds of your video.


That’s where shock value comes into play


You have to make a big promise. The bigger the better. The more counter intuitive, the better.¬† The more unbelievable, the better… There is only one condition. Once you have hooked your audience in, you have to follow up immediately with the proof that what you promise can be delivered.


Here’s an example…Making your own marketing videos is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get more traffic. You don’t have to buy expensive¬† equipment, have a mega list or hire a slick copywriter. BUT you will still make more money than ever before and get to spend more time doing the things you always wanted to… Whatever niche you are working in”


This is the shocking claim – the big promise, in fact- that Andy Jenkins made to shock prospects into engaging with his product launch – the Video Boss.


Sentence #1 provides the shock value. Sentence #2, the advantages and sentence #3 the benefits and the ‘after thought’ addresses the immediate thought¬† in prospects minds which is… It won’t work in my niche


Without the shock value, you will never hook people in and get them to stop what they were doing and pay attention. This is true of any form of copy you can think of. Be it a blog post, an email, a squeeze page, a sales page or even a video. All key elements in your product launch success.




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Rory Ramsden