Product Launch Plan #4 – Laser Focus on Your Core Market


 Product Launch Synergy

The future success of your product launch depends on just one super important factor.
It’s the relationship that you have with the people in your market. You have to
pay it forward or as Michael Stelzner said in the chat we had you have to use the
elevation principle and cage your marketing messages in favor of providing killer content


That’s why you have to laser focus on your core market when doing your research. Here are 5 of the most important questions you’ll ever answer


    • Who is your core customer?


    • What are their hopes, desires, challenges and attitudes ?


    • Who is are the leading brands in your market


    • What are their strengths and weaknesses?


    • And what unique strengths do you bring to the market?


Maybe you think you’ve got this covered? Or, maybe you’re not sure


You have to be prepared to stake your life on your answer so make sure that your research is fully validated.


Think of it like this… Dare to be different or don’t do it at all


To be a rip roaring success, your glittering new product has to be remarkable. It has to strike the market in a way that is unique.  It has to offer real value to your tightly targeted niche market. And it has to over deliver on its promise.  The tighter you zero in, the higher the perceived value of your product.


Just imagine your market as a target with a black bull’s eye in the middle surrounded by ever wider concentric rings of paler and paler colors. Your market is that black bull’s eye.


Know the hopes, desires, challenges and attitudes that these people have; Know their demographics and their psychographics; And they’ll be able to identify with you because the content that you deliver will deliver the solutions they are looking for.


Then when you ask them for help to develop your ideas into a product, they will be happy to give their considered opinions and to guide you in directions that you may not have thought of before.  When you finally come to your product launch sequence you will already have a small army of raving fans who will forgive you almost anything.


The connection you have with your tribe is fundamental to your success


The truth in this may take some time to sink in but when you come to recognize this as fact, you will realize that you must first be of service without any expectation of reward. Your success will be a by-product of helping others get what they want


So what about you?


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that you want your next product launch to be a moon-shot. One that thrusts your product into earth orbit and delivers an ROI that you could only dream of. To do this you first need a focused marketing strategy which includes a series of  launches, each one being bigger than the last. Each one siphoning more and more cold hard cash into your ballooning bank account.


But it won’t happen until you have first truly connected with your tribe


If you have a product launch planned in the next six months and you want someone to look over your plans, I’d be happy to jump on the phone with you and help you pinpoint the weaknesses in your launch strategy. It’ll cost you nothing but your time. It will bring things into focus and pay massive dividends on launch day. This product launch evaluation is designed to help you get your product to the launch pad so that you can take your business to the next level  Contact us now to find out more.


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Rory Ramsden