Product Launch: No Marketing Strategy, No Launch

Product Launch Passion to Help Others

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A passion to help others is paramount when you come to do a product launch. Your prospects can feel it when you speak, when you write and when they see you on video. They immediately recognize that you genuinely want to help them. Making this emotional connection is crucial if you want to build an army of happy customers


But sadly, unless you focus your passion to help by developing a crystal clear marketing strategy, all this counts for nothing


You, as an entrepreneur are never short of ideas which is great. The key is to pick the ones that help you to achieve the measurable goal you have defined in your strategy and discard the rest. Doing this will leverage your core strengths to move your project forward and put money in the bank


Realize too, that creating a stunning product is only 20% of the job. The rest, the marketing, is just as important if not more so, because it  is this strategy that will transform your original AH-HA moment into cold hard cash.


When you sit down to brainstorm yours, think about where you want your business to be in 3 years time. Decide how you will know that you have reached that goal. In other words, how will you measure that success.


Simply saying, you want a big house on the beach with wall to wall sunshine and a boat at the end of the dock is daydreaming


What you have to do is define how much you will need in terms of  dollars and cents to afford that lifestyle… per year, per month, per day, per hour. Once you have this number in your head, break that down into the products and services you can offer that will produce the highest return on your time.


Your conclusion may be as simple as saying that you have to sell one ebook at a $47 value every two hours. To save you doing the maths, that’s an income of more than $200k per year.


But it can be much less than that… if you maximize your return on your investment in the time and creative effort need to develop the product in the first place


Boosting the perceived value of your offer so that, the price can easily be doubled or even tripled is key. So how do you do this? Well that’s for another time but when you have nailed the answer, you know exactly what you must achieve. That is the challenge. What’s missing is an end-to-end system that will tell you the ‘how’. Your top priority is to build a list of prospects and the quickest way to build a powerful list of buyers is by stacking one product launch on top of another



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Rory Ramsden