Product Launch Marketing: How To Get Paid Top Dollar

When it comes to product launch marketing, you know you have to push the free line as Eben Pagan says and deliver real value during your pre-launch. In doing this, you will engage your prospects in your launch story and ultimately in your product but you’ll also give yourself the chance to do a whole lot more.

You’ll give yourself the chance to provide proof.

  • Proof that you can back up the big promise you made in your first piece of pre-launch content
  • Proof that you really do know your stuff – Think Andy Jenkins, the Video Boss, wowing you with his video making prowess –
  • Proof that your stuff works – Think of clients who have used your stuff successfully –
  • Proof that others worse off than your core market avatar can succeed using your stuff – Think the Shoemoney launch where he took a complete newbie through his whole system –
  • Proof that well known brands are using similar methods – Think Jeff Walker and the implication that Apple inc. are using a version of Product Launch Formula –

Providing all this proof boosts your credibility and your authority. It also adds one more piece of proof. Social Proof.  This comes as your prospects comment on your launch blog.

The more credibility and authority that you can build up at the beginning of your new product launch, the higher the perceived value of your product when you come to open your shopping cart.

That is if your offer is truly overwhelming

Now you have probably seen people selling ‘plane Jane’ e-books, which may be addressing a crying need in a core market but have no perceived value.  Despite the effort expended in  putting his/her e-book together, the product owner has not optimized his/her offer .

Here’s what I mean… Take one of these e-books. Convert it into a video course – this could be the basis for a membership site – using PowerPoint slides and screen capture video. Strip out the audio track and make it a downloadable MP3 then provide a pdf transcript, add a worksheet or two and suddenly the perceived value of that sad little e-book has shot through the roof

So what’s the secret in getting paid top dollar?

It’s all about maximizing the perceived value of your offer.

Take the time to build your credibility and your authority whilst engaging your core market in your launch story before making that  overwhelming offer… Not forgetting, of course, to take away all the risk by including an awesome guarantee.

Then sit back and let your customers ‘sell’ the deal to themselves!

So go ahead. Try it. Optimize your offer and see how it transforms your top line sales.

Then tell me your success stories!

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