Product Launch Marketing – 8 Steps to a Killer Seed Launch

Product Launch #1

Product Launch #1


There is no mystery about a seed launch. Simply put, it’s a product launch that you start without a product or a list. Your goal is to get your audience to help you create the product that they most want and in the process create a large and highly responsive list of prospects and customers, position yourself as the trusted adviser and authority figure in your niche and optimize your launch systems – copy,  sales funnel and videos –  so that when you do your second launch you will be ready to make some real money


The one thing you do need when before you start is an intimate knowledge of your market and the major problems they face. You may even have the kernel idea for your new product.


What you are looking to do is validate that idea through  your seed launch sequence and if necessary re-focus it as you go


Here is the 8 stage process …


 #1.  Seed Launch Strategy View this as the first in a series of product launches. The one where you really connect with your target market. Start by staging a series of teleseminars or webinars in which you interview established market experts. if they have an established list of prospects so much the better. You will anyway have to fall back on your own resources to drive traffic at the registration pages.


Once you have the first interview ‘in the can’, you will have the makings of a list and be able to leverage this when securing your second. Authors always want to promote their books so if you’re stuck for an expert to interview search


#2. Whats’ the Problem – Focus on the main challenge that your market is desperate to solve.  The more desperate they are the more they will be willing to buy what you have to offer. During the course of your seed launch, drill down and find out what is really causing the problem. Validating this is crucial to your success


#3. Your concept solution – Even if you have not fleshed this out fully, have the kernel of your solution in mind. Leave plenty of time at the end of each interview for questions. Take special note of these. They are windows into the minds of your audience and allow you test your product ideas against them.


By the time you have done 5 or six interviews, you may notice that some questions keep coming up. These are the gold that you have been digging for. Laser target your solution on the underlying problem


#4. Building Momentum – Doing a product launch is a great way of building a list, a seed launch especially so. You are offering valuable content for free by staging your series of interviews. Reward attendees by offering them the transcript of the interview – these are the raw material from which you will create your product – even if, to begin with, its just your interview series burned onto a CD and attached to a special report. There will be time to develop it later by slicing and dicing the content into a video series


#5. Product Finalization – As I have alluded to above, take your transcripts and edit them into a comprehensive special report focused on the key challenge facing your audience. Edit the audio tracks of the recorded interviews so that they support and expand on the text. Then make a simple screen capture video illustrating each point. Don’t spend too much time on this. Time is of the essence.


#7. Launch Sequence – Segment your list and do a simple launch sequence of emails. Open your cart and recoup some of your advertising budget and then some. Don’t forget to ask for feedback from those that bought and from those that didn’t. Use this to refine your offer ready for the next product launch which will be to the whole of your prospect list


#8. Rinse & Repeat – Once product launch #2 is done and dusted, you will have enough data to develop your offer fully by slicing and dicing each chapter of your special report and boosting the thud factor. Then rinse and repeat the process, this is product launch #3.


Warning: You’ll need a 4 figure budget to spend on driving traffic to your opt in pages.


Benefits: This 8 step process will position you as the expert authority in your niche based on the social proof of being associated with well known experts. You will have demonstrated that you are a master of your subject by preparing well for each interview and you will have built a list of buyers which is 15 times more valuable than a list of prospects – You’ll have one of those too !


Plus… you will  have validated your market research. You won’t be guessing any more. You will have real feedback from real buyers


Starting the product launch process with a seed launch is highly recommended. It may not make you a pile of money right out of the gate but your second and third launches will. So don’t rush. Validate your concept with the market. Prove that there are buyers out there before you spend too much time on developing a product with all the bell and whistles. This is the best way to launch a business


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Rory Ramsden