Product Launch Marketing: 4 ways to spice up your bottom line


Have you ever wondered how some companies use product launch marketing to go from strength to strength no matter whether the economy is tanking or not?


It may come as a surprise to you that the quality of the day-to-day management and the relentless bearing down on costs has little to do with the company’s survival.


Yes, these are certainly important, I’m not denying that. But what really makes the difference is the inspiring ideas that you apply to your business and more especially to your marketing.


The last thing to do in these straightened times is to cut your marketing budget. Yet, you have to maximize your ROI and watch every cent. The single most effective, not to say cost effective,way of boosting the success of your marketing efforts is to employ Product launch marketing strategies


These include many fresh and original ideas to transform your ROI.


Here are four ideas in the meantime…


  1. Find out what the big brands are doing and re-purpose their ideas to suit your business

  3. Brainstorm tactics with your team focusing on topical events or themes and put your product in that context

  5. Popular TV shows like ‘Oprah’ are always airing new ideas. If you’re fast on your feet, you can take advantage of this to engage your target market, building customer loyalty in the process.

  7. Add digital special reports, which support your product or service by making it easier to use, for instance, or showing how it can be used in a way that your customers may not have considered before.

The quality of your ideas will clearly differentiate you from your competitors so that you are no longer competing toe-to-toe with them in a price war. You will be delivering extra value, building credibility and making your offer so compelling that your customers would consider themselves insane not to buy from you.


You’re probably wondering how can you be expected to take time out to first learn the techniques involved in product launch marketing and then put them into action as well as come up with fresh and original ideas, when you have enough on your plate already


Well wonder no longer, as product launch managers our stock-in-trade is coming up with fresh ideas to spice up your marketing and drive profits to your bottom line



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Rory Ramsden

Specialist focusing on getting new products ready to launch and re-launching ever-green products to the online community. What can a Product launch marketing do for you? - Significantly increase your ROI - Explode the size of both prospects and client email lists - Build strong rapport between your clients and your company - Dramatically increase the number and quality of your JV partners and affiliates - Make your business the 800lbs Gorilla in your market - Leverage your newly found cash flow and positioning to accelerate your growth - Send employee morale soaring to new undreamed of levels To get these benefits, we'll assist you to develop a strategic and tactical plan for your coordinated launch…There are a myriad of tools and tactics to use in an online product launch including - email lists - blogs - surveys - special reports - sales letters - autoresponders - video and audio presentations - webinars - squeeze pages - Social Media - Networking As professional product launch manager, we will help you select the most appropriate for your needs. Remember Product Launches work for all types of products and services, evergreen or new so contact me to find out more +33637500988 Specialties The Launch Systems Toolbox This limited consultancy will assess your state of readiness in 6 key areas. The fee is typically set against our fees for piloting your complete launch. []