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The Big Idea with @garyvee

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We’ve covered the importance of having a properly structured launch story as a center piece of your product launch marketing strategy so let’s go back to the beginning and re-visit that launch marketing strategy again.

In doing a new product launch, what is your main goal?

You’re first reaction might be to say ” That’s obvious. My goal is to make the maximum amount of money possible

“Well, Yes and No…” would be my reply

You see my view is that money is just a by-product. It’s only one way of measuring your success. There are plenty more.

Here are some for those breaking into a new market…

  • Build traffic to your site
  • Build the size of your prospect list
  • Build a buyers list
  • Attract joint venture partners
  • Test your systems and refine your metrics
  • Become recognized as the authority figure in your niche
  • Develop a base on which you can build bigger and better product launches

But before you can do any or all of the above you have to have a ‘big idea‘. The one that will clearly differentiate you from your competition. The one that will put you head and shoulders above them. This unique mechanism will ensure that you stand alone even in a crowded market place.

Positioning your business in this way is an essential first step. It will influence the way that you approach each and every business decision that you make and it will certainly be the golden thread that runs through your product launch marketing strategy.

Your main product launch plan must therefore be to engage your audience using your ‘big idea’ as a guiding principle and, equally, to get them to engage with you and it. To do this quickly and effectively is the key to your success.

Probably the best way to build momentum is to run a series of tele-seminars with pre-existing authority figures as guests and stimulate that engagement by giving away cool prizes for the best questions asked. Then slice and dice the recorded content by creating a series of screen capture videos and pdf downloads.

This is valuable content so be be careful to tell your audience the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’ in these videos.

There is one exception to this principle and it is best illustrated by the ‘movie trailer’. To stimulate the buzz and anticipation for a new new movie release, the producer will select one of the best clips for the trailer.  Use the very same tactic by giving away one of the most important ‘must know’ elements of your product.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Having a conversation with your audience, stimulating questions and comments provides you with important feedback.

Having a conversation gives you the time to establish like-ability, trust and respect. This is a two way street. You have the time to empathize with your audience in the ‘language’ that they expect. You have the time to listen, be yourself and show your audience that you are a warm friendly person. You have the time to provide proof in many different ways [more on this in a future post] and in doing so, naturally build your authority and a warm virtual relationship with your core market.

Stimulating people to ask questions allows you to refine your market research even more. In fact, hidden behind every question may be an important but as yet unspoken insight that may help you to optimize your product.

Comments provide social proof. We are hard wired to seek the approval of our peer group. In fact we actively seek their opinions in the social media and elsewhere. This is social influence marketing at it’s best. So getting comments on your blog re-assures other visitors and encourages them to join in the conversation too.

Rushing to market with your new product launch without taking the time to stir emotions is setting yourself up for disappointment and failure.

Developing a clear product launch marketing strategy, then taking the time to refine it and optimize your processes will ensure long term success.

So each time, you execute a launch you must first identify your goal. It’s fine to say that you want to flood your bank account with cash and you will eventually but that comes only when you have built a well designed launch pad.

Find out what’s in it for you. In the meantime, leave a comment below. All those who do will receive advice on ‘How to tell a Story’ from one of the masters of American literature. A man renowned for his ability to cast a spell using words, wit and wisdom. A man who is riding high in the U.S best-seller lists right now…


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