Product Launch: The 4 step List Warm-Up Strategy

Product Launch List Warm Up

Product Launch List Warm Up


OK.. so you’re heading into your new product launch and whilst rummaging around for assets to leverage you come across this old list that you have not ‘spoken’ to for months. After all, you’ve been focused on your marketing strategy and tightly focusing your launch story on your core audience.


Now comes the time to wake everyone up to the fact that something is coming down the tubes which you are super excited about.


How do you warm up that list?


It would be awful nice to have them on board for the new launch


To start with…


The best strategy is to come straight out and say your sorry. Be honest. Give a genuine reason for dropping off the radar for a while. You’re only human after all. We all make mistakes. That’s a given. It’s what we do to make up for it later that matters…


Here are 4 key ingredients to your list warm-up strategy that will pay dividends for your product launch


#1. Cool Stuff


As always, if you give people cool stuff that really helps them get what they want, your credibility will sky rocket and their excitement will start to build. This is a win win for everybody. When you go into your product launch sequence they’ll be with you


#2. Stories


Hooking people’s attention with a good story is super effective. MakeĀ  sure yours is a parable. That is that it teaches your tribe a valuable lesson.


#3. Be Aspirational


The world and his wife spend half their lives telling each other why something won’t work or complaining about something they have no control over. So when you land in their in-box with an inspirational story about someone who had a dream and the courage to follow it, you give them permission to aspire to greater things in life which is very powerful.


#4. It’s from you


Your mails have to be crafted. They have to use the language that people expect but they have to recognize your style, your personality and your passion for helping them. Grey is no way to warm up your list before a product launch


Stacking these four tactics on top of each other will boost response rates. Pretty soon that old list that you thought was dead-to-the-world is back and cooking hot again.


What about you? What tactics have you used to warm up your list in the run up to a product launch ?


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Rory Ramsden