Product Launch: List Building on Steroids And Expert Positioning

Product Launch Positioning

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Doing a product launch positions you as an expert. But how do you build a list, position yourself as a thought leader in your niche and hook in JVs all at the same time?


A really quick and powerful way is to associate with people who are already recognized authorities. Appearing with these people or being referenced by them makes you in effect ‘guilty by association’. The logic goes like this.


If those guys that I already know and respect are telling me that this new guy is someone to listen to then they are probably right and I’ll do just that… or at the very least, I’ll listen to him long enough to make up my own mind.


The more recognized authorities you can appear with, the more powerful the effect and the longer your reach


One of the most powerful ways of doing this is through presenting a series of online webinars where your invited guests are these very same niche ‘rock stars’


There are 6 spin offs benefits to this strategy that are not immediately apparent…


#1.  Spin Off – Momentum BuildingDoing a series of webinars is a great way to power up your pre-launch momentum and grab people’s attention. For each one, you will naturally put together a sequence of emails before and after the event. The lead-in sequence to thank them for registering and then to remind them to attend. The lead-out sequence to thank them for attending and inviting them to give you feedback by taking a ‘how did I do’ survey. Then  there is the ‘no-show’ sequence for those who did not make it inviting them to listen to the replay

Don’t forget to schedule re-plays to allow people to choose when they wish to listen to it. Just make sure that you make it clear that its a recording. It’s not clever to try and make people believe that it’s live when it isn’t. There’s nothing wrong with a pre-recorded webinar, but don’t lie and tell them it is live when it isn’t.


#2. Spin Off – Engage your core audience  A powerful benefit is that your audience can listen to you LIVE interacting in a way that they can relate to. They get a sense of who you are. They can smile at your sense of humor and marvel at you depth of knowledge. All this framed by the fact that you are on such good terms with the established ‘names’ in your niche. This provides great social proof and builds your credibility too.


#3. Spin Off – Get Feedback – Getting live feedback by eliciting questions from your audience surfaces possible objections that you can deal with in your pre-launch proper. Listen carefully and you may even discover an approach that you had not thought of. There’s nothing like getting a fresh perspective to shatter your illusions and bring you back to reality. As the product developer,  you are probably so close to it that you have lost all objectivity…


# 4. Spin Off – Become The Expert – Anybody can fake expertise in a blog post. On a live event, you really can’t. If you have people on an event and you’re doing a presentation, you need to have some command of your subject or it will show through. On one hand, this can seem daunting. On the other hand, however, this puts you into the “expert” role for the people listening to the webinar. These displays of knowledge are proof positive that you are a thought leader


#5. Spin Off – The Seed Launch Not got a product. Not got a list. Want to do a product launch without spending months developing a product only to find that sales are poor. Doing a series of webinars is fast product creation par excellence.  They become the product itself – Or you can use them as bonuses for an existing product –  You can even chop them up, turn them into a video series which will have a higher perceived value and round out your quick product launch with transcriptions, resource guides and work sheets.


#6.  Spin Off – Put Them on Auto-Pilot – This is list building on steroids. Driving traffic at an evergreen teleconference means that you are filling your sales funnel with qualified leads with little or no effort on your part beyond the original recording. This technique is probably best used when you have got a handle on your visitor value. Then you will know how much you can pay the 800 lbs gorilla – Google – for each lead.


Start by setting a clear goal for your webinar series. Decide whether you want to sell a ‘lead-in’ product to build a list of buyers or whether you simply want to position yourself in a new market and/or use it as a seed launch.


The beauty of combining the last two is that your product will come with built in JV partners – your guests – and your audience will have helped you create the product themselves through their interactions and their questions. Speed to market is key and hosting teleconferences is the fastest way of testing ideas for new products and then creating them… Book a time now to discuss your product launch with us. Just pick a time on my calendar to suit you. It will cost you nothing but your time



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