Product Launch: Leverage Your Advertising Spend To The Max

Product Launch Strategy



According to a survey from GroupM Search and comScore, most Americans start their product research on either search engines or social networks and finish it on the other platform. This highlights the importance of integrating online marketing to your company’s campaigns…


And demands that you have a clear marketing strategy that sets out to engage those prospects through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and your blog.


If you are planning to spend more money on digital advertising – ClickZ says 84 percent of small businesses are –  then leveraging that spend to the maximum by inviting people to ‘Like’, ‘follow’ or ‘subscribe’ is vital. These lists are long terms assets because you can contact people again and again.


However tempted you are to go on the offensive by delivering a salvo of marketing messages, resist the temptation. Your focus should be on finding out what your audience wants more than anything and then giving it to them for FREE.


This builds your credibility and makes those potential new clients want to come back for more.


The best you could do is remember the 80/20 rule. Whereby, 80% of your messages should set out to genuinely help them with no thought of recompense. The remaining 20% should only be delivered later.


Each time you start a product launch sequence, offer your subscribers the opportunity of joining your launch list.


The first time they opted in they did not sign up to have you carpet bomb them with launch messages. They just wanted to download that white paper you were offering them in exchange for their email address. That was the unwritten agreement between you.


Spending on websites, social media marketing and email is set to grow more than 30 percent,” observes ClickZ. “Meanwhile, local print media, newspapers, directories and radio will take double-digit hits in 2011 among those who buy those formats.”


However, if you’re smart you will continue to send direct response pieces in the mail. They are still one of the most effective ways to get your existing offline clients to join you on the web. And they are still an effective way of doing a new product launch



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Rory Ramsden