Product Launch: Hype, Lies And Your Crushing Offer

Product Launch And the Use of Hype


Never mind during a product launch, just consider the use of hype, exaggeration or little white lies in every day conversation. You’ll quickly come to the conclusion that they are common currency. The level varies considerably according to the person you are speaking to and the time and place where the conversation is taking place.


So should you use hype in your copy writing and if so how? The answer, is YES of course, dependent on the time, the place and to whom you are talking at the time just like in any face-to-face conversation.


Properly defined, hype is hyperbole pure and simple. Exaggeration helps people to make their vision crystal clear. It’s a means by which you can illustrate the point that you are making.  For instance, I could say ” I am so hungry that I could eat a horse” Or “I’d drive a million miles just to see your face


You immediately ‘get’ what I want to say. The exaggeration emphasizes the emotion I am trying to express. There is not a vestige of a lie in either of these sentences if they genuinely express my feelings.


But there is a dark side to hyperbole and we see it every day on the net especially in headlines written by those targeting the naive opportunity seeker. This tactic might have a limited short term success but over-promising and under-delivering like this is no way to grow a big group of satisfied customers.


The truth is that most people have their BS meters cranked round to the red zone and realize that if your offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is. By all means make a big promise, but if you cannot immediately back that up with real-life examples that make it believable, you have wasted your time and diminished your reputation in the process… And guaranteed yourself an under-performing product launch


Far better to make your headline counter intuitive… 


If you saw a headline like “Is boosting your sales killing your business?” It sounds a little crazy. Your immediate reaction is that the survival of your business depends on getting more top line sales. But that’s not necessarily the case is it? If the sales you are winning are on a product line that is not delivering dollars to your bottom line because you make a loss on every unit sold, those sales are killing your business. A counter intuitive hook is a lot more powerful than a hypey hook.


People love to buy but they hate being sold to


Your core myth has to resonate with them. They want you to prove that you are trustworthy. They want to get to know you if only just a little bit. They want proof that your product or service really works and will quickly and easily resolve their core frustration. Your goal must be to woo them not beat them to death with hype. It doesn’t work anymore for the proverbial car salesman so why makes you think it will work for you?


Creating a crushing offer for your product launch


Putting a monetary value on each individual piece of your bundle is a common tactic. But the value you, the marketer, attach to each is irrelevant. It’s the value that your prospects place on them that really matters – That is the perceived emotional value – Something that you might have to pay 10 dollars for might have an overwhelming value to your customers.


Being given the key to the front door of your new house is just one example. The key costs almost nothing but it’s symbolic of something much much bigger. It could be the physical manifestation of the fulfillment of a life time ambition. The emotional value put on that simple piece of metal is immense [just a little hyperbole to illustrate a point]


So when you get to putting your offer together, don’t put hypey monetary values on each bonus included, focus on adding modalities and resources that make consuming your core product easier. Focus on the added benefits that each one brings to the overall package and how the overall value far exceeds the sum of the parts.


Your offer has to appeal first to the emotional side of people’s brains. That’s the part that will make the buying decision.


The Triangle of Trust


Remember that your credibility, authority and like-ability will be be vaporized if you over-promise [lie] and under-deliver. You will lose a valuable client for the sake of one sale. Your business will tread water at best. Winning a new client is the most expensive thing that you could do. By making sure that buying from you is a fun and fulfilling experience, your customers will be happy to recommend you to their friends and just as importantly, engage with your next product launch too.


If you have not done a launch before or even if you have and now realize that hiring a launch manager would be a smart thing to do, you may be wondering how much hiring a product launch manager will cost.  The quick answer is not as much as you might expect. Our aim is to structure a win-win sort of a deal with clients.  We get paid when you get paid. That is we work on a percentage of the ‘pre-return’s gross’ revenue that your product launch makes. Naturally, you have to pay a fee to get on our calendar. We can only take on 2 or 3 clients per year so our time is valuable and we must know what our schedule is well in advance. It would be unfair on our other clients if we didn’t insist on this. Find out more by booking a free consultation with me now



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Rory Ramsden