Product Launch: How to Tailor Your Launch To Fit Your Goals

Product Launch - FAB



One of the problems you’ll find with most product launch marketing strategies is that they’re not designed to focus on the core market. Rather, they are loosely aimed at a more generic audience. They try to create a universal strategy that will fit any customer in a fairly broad¬† niche.


The fact of the matter is that you need to take some time and specifically craft your product launch to fulfill the needs and desires of your core market… That is a tightly focused group NOT a broader niche


If your product is applicable to more than one micro niche. Do a tailored product launch for each one


Understanding Your Core Market

If you’re going to have a successful product launch, your product must be designed around the your core market, not the other way round. You need to climb inside their heads and find out what makes them tick; what they fear; what language they use and what they wish for. What their attitudes are and much much more.


Only then, will your launch story engage people and, just as importantly, will your people understand that they have found a kindred spirit who ‘gets’ what they are going through. Without this reciprocation your launch is not going to go make it into orbit…


Features, Advantages, Benefits – It’s FAB

Every product feature has to offer and advantage. Every advantage has to have at least one benefit. No doubt you took some pictures yesterday, thanks to the camera on your mobile phone.


Feature = Camera enabled mobile


Advantage = Carry a camera with you all the time


Benefit = Capture those memorable moments of your kids playing with Grandpa and keep them forever


So benefits are things which will engage with your buyers on emotional level because they resonate with their hopes, dreams and desires


Here’s another example, let’s imagine that Mike has invented an electric razor that recharges its batteries using solar power – feature – The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to charge it. And the benefit is you can look good anywhere and anytime, even on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean


Staying on Message


Your marketing message has to be congruent with your consumers. It has to speak the same language. Using the same lexicon of phrases and terms that your audience uses will make it easier for them to understand what’s FAB about your product.


If you veer off on some tangent, you’ll lose them instantly.


Push the benefits. Give real life examples of these in action. Mention the features and their advantages but above all relate the benefits back to your core market’s hopes and fears.


Every tagline you create, every email you send, every web page you create should have the same FAB structure:


This is what my product will do for you. Here’s the advantage and these are the benefits


It’ll keep you on message provided that you really understand your core market


The key is to deliver results in advance by helping your people get closer to their goals BEFORE they are asked to buy your product. This is central principle to any product launch will build your credibility and transform you into their trusted adviser.


Only this way will your product launch marketing strategy reach your marketing objectives


If you need some help with this, we offer a 30 minute FREE consult. We just jump on Skype together and chat through your launch plans. Having a fresh pair of eyes look over your strategy will pay out big time come launch day.¬† AND there’s zero commitment on your side. You’ve got nothing to lose everything to gain. Getting you to the product launch pad is our first objective and only objective. Find out what benefits are in store for you


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Rory Ramsden