How To Plan a Slam Dunk Product Launch in 8 Easy Steps

Product Launch Slam-Dunk


Over the last few months I’ve spoken to a lot of people as a result of our my product launch evaluation service and answered a lot of questions about how to plan a slam-dunk product launch. Some have been at the very beginning of their product launch process. Others didn’t even ‘get’ the impact that one would have on their business let alone the long term value they would create.


So I’ve decided to spill the beans to you in 8 easy steps so that you can get launch ready quickly AND feel confident that your product will make money straight out of the gate


If you’ve never done a product launch before, this simple tutorial will get you moving in the right direction in double quick time – For the old hands among keep your eyes peeled for tips that will boost the ROI on your next launch and make it more fun too.


Over the next few days, I’m going to go show you how to optimize these 8 elements of your product launch strategy… You’ll make more money too

#1. The Quick Way To Build Your Hot New product

#2. Building Momentum and Growing Your List

#3. Creating a Killer Offer That They Can’t Say No to

#4. The Horizontal Sales Page And Why Its So Effective

#5. Crafting An Engaging Launch Story That Resonates With Your Audience

#6. Structuring Your Pre-Launch Events And Building Excitement

#7. Why Attracting The Right Affiliates The Easy Way

#8. The Power Of Email Sequences And When To Use Them


Before we start, let me just remind you that the precursor to any successful product launch is goal setting. That is, the process of defining measurable outcomes for each launch you do so that you can quickly define how successful you have been. Making some wishywashy pie-in-the-sky promises to yourself will not do. Focusing on what will really leverage the long term success of your business requires strategic thinking and will instill confidence in your core business support services – bank, merchant account, Fulfillment House And JV Partners etc – when you come to talk to them about your new product launch…


#1. The Quick Way To Build Your Hot New product

If you want people to buy what you’re selling, you need to have a product worth buying. It really doesn’t matter whether it’s an ebook, physical product, professional service or an online membership site, it’s got to compel your target audience to buy. They must feel that they cannot afford NOT to buy. For them, the price will then be a secondary issue. It’s the value that you are offering that will blow them away

You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new. That’s what Steve Jobs used to say so using your intuition is important. However Steve was brilliant at picking markets where he could apply his genius engineering skills to transform people’s expectations and disrupt the status quo too. That’s precisely what you have to do as well.

Most people I see hurt their launches before they even start, because their product or service is based on what they think the customer will buy, not on what the customers really want more than anything. It’s an easy mistake to make so make sure to watch out for that type of thinking… And stop yourself when you catch yourself making these assumptions

Before you go off and do a ‘Steve Jobs’ – he didn’t do market research as we understand it – it’s better to find out what is really frustrating ‘your people’ and understand of their desires, fears and concerns. It’s a much surer path to success


#2. Building Momentum and Growing Your List

This starts the moment that you have discovered your niche. There is no time to waste. Put up a squeeze page. Build a blog. Start collecting followers on the social media platforms where your audience hang out. Deliver value and ask for nothing in return.

You don’t need a big list. All you need is 1,000 names on your list who open your mails and recognize you as an expert in your field. Engaging them in your product launch process will be easy. They will understand the value of your product without long explanations. These are the people who are the most likely to pull out their credit cards when you make them an offer they cannot refuse.

They may not make you a millionaire but you will make money right from your very first product launch.


#3. Creating a Killer Offer That They Can’t Say No to

In the early days of the web, the early adopters could make money just by putting up a sales page. Now your prospects are much more sophisticated and savvy about what to expect. They are looking for outstanding value. It’s not just about your product or service any more. It’s about what you bundle into your offer to support it. It’s about making your total package easy to consume, not only on a laptop but also on the move.

People are constantly on the move. Tablets and smart phones are the norm. What makes a good offer so effective is that it provides so much value that the buyer stops looking at the price and start to think that they cannot afford to miss out.

Deliver your content in as many different ways as you can – audio, video, text, webinars, home study courses, live events, masterminds, one-to-one consulting and even done for you packages – All have their place in your offer.

Add to this the assets gathering dust on your hard drive and you will assemble an offer that will leave your prospects with no qualms about pushing that ‘buy now’ button especially when they see that they don’t have to pay in one lump sum and they can ask for a refund for any reason whatever, even if they have no reason at all.

Coming up with offers that make readers say “Where do I sign?” is not about being manipulative, it’s about giving them exactly what they want in a way that is understandable and accessible to them.


#4. The Horizontal Sales Page And Why Its So Effective

The traditional long copy sales letter was 20 or 30 pages long. No one has time or the inclination to read through them any more. They just look at the headline and skim a few bullet points on the way to the bottom of the page to see the price.

Chopping this up into bite sized morsels and delivering them over a period of days, allows your prospects to focus on each one and take it in. There’s no need for hype or pressure sales tactics.

Instead you make your reader comfortable enough to suspend disbelief and engage with your launch conversation. They may not even be aware that you are in the middle of a product launch. They’ll just be loving the wonderful value your are delivering for free. In the process, they’ll come to recognize that you really know your stuff and can be relied on to help them get the results that they want.

Building this triangle of trust during your pre-launch sequence makes pivoting to talk about your offer really natural. In fact, when you do your prospects will be relieved because they will be ready to make a buying decision based on your offer. There should be no unnecessary resistance to purchasing your stuff. Do this right, and there’s no hard sell necessary.

Making people comfortable buying from you and confident they’re buying just the thing they’ve always wanted is what the horizontal sales page will deliver in spades.


#5. Crafting An Engaging Launch Story That Resonates With Your Audience

Since the dawn of time, people have been entranced by stories. We love to be entertained by them and we learn better when we are. Crafting an engaging launch story immediately tells your audience what you are all about and answers the first two questions on their minds… “What’s this all about?” and “What’s in this for me?”

Intriguing them with the story of how you discovered the key to unlock the door which has always remained closed to them will draw them in before you go on to show how others just like them have achieved success using the same key.

Empathizing with your audience will reassure them that you understand what they are going through. They will identify with you as you walk a mile in their shoes. They will see that they too can succeed where they have failed before if only they could walk through the door that you are holding open.

Even someone who is not a trained copy writer can construct an engaging launch story that resonates with their audience.


#6. Structuring Your Pre-Launch Events And Building Excitement

If you’ve been online for any length of time, you realize that most product launches – especially the big ones – include a series of video or tele-seminar events. What you can  probably guess is that the whole process is highly structured and designed to build excitement by encouraging your prospects to get results in advance using a few simple tips or techniques.

Doing this is crucial to the success of your product launch. At the end of each pre-launch event, your audience should be left buzzing with anticipation for what is to come just as if they were watching a big game that is finely balanced going into a time-out or the half time interval. They’ll be talking to their friends about what has happened and what they expect to happen next.

Designing each pre-launch event in such a way that it informs, teaches and build excitement involves helping people get closer to their goals. Whether they buy or not, they will be responsive because you will have built trust and goodwill that will significantly increase the conversion rate when it comes to asking for the sale and will put real money in your pocket.


#7. Why Attracting The Right Affiliates The Easy Way

Start by putting yourself into your prospective affiliates’ shoes. You are a busy man. You are looking for that needle in a haystack which is the offer that will not only deliver extra-ordinary value to the people on your list but also will convert prospects into buyers effectively. You want to know that if you mail 10,000 prospects you will make $10 or $20 dollars on each one and you want proof of all this.

As the product owner, you cannot begin to have a meaningful conversation with a JV partner until you have this proof. Your big payday will come but it may not be on your first product launch. That is why stacking a series of launches one on top on another is so powerful. Each one feeds off the success of the last.

If your offer has no track record, you will never attract the right affiliates. The ones who have warm responsive lists. The ones who have a reputation for delivering quality and value to their prospects. The ones who have products themselves which you would like to promote to your list when they inevitably ask you to reciprocate.

You don’t want to associate with the sort of people with bad juju. You are known by the company you keep. Word will get around pretty soon if you fall in with the wrong crowd. Doing so will burn your hard earned credibility and scare off the ‘right affiliates’ too.


#8. The Power Of Email Sequences And When To Use Them

One of the most challenging parts of a product launch for many people is the email component. Questions like “How do I get them to open?” “What if they think I’m emailing too much?” and “How do I get them to click-through?” are ones I hear so often it’s almost textbook.

While all three of these questions are important, the last one is most critical because a lot of your readers will put off opening your emails or won’t be sold on the idea they need to click through to your pre-launch content.

That’s why any successful product launch has multiple email sequences. Each is carefully crafted to inform, cajole and remind people as well as train them to respond before a given deadline when you give them a simple ‘call to action’. The object is to get them off the fence when it really matters. That is when you open your shopping cart and invite them to take out their credit cards.

You’re not going to get your pre-launch content viewed. You’re not going to get your sales page read. And ultimately, you’re not going to get your products or services sold without effective copy. Fortunately, there are are simple, effective, and non-pushy ways to make those clicks happen and get your stuff sold.


Now here’s the part where I tell you what I want you to do next 🙂


If this article is doing it for you, take a look at our  product launch coaching service and find out how you can get one-to-one expert assistance to get your new product to the launch pad in double quick time.


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