Product Launch: How To Engage Your Audience Without Even Trying

Product Launch: Shot Across The Bows

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At the very start of your product launch you have to jolt your audience out of its collective reverie and make them sit up and take notice. Delivering a shot across the bows like this stops them doing those routine jobs and distracts them long enough to engage them in your launch story. The more counter intuitive your opening salvo is the better.


Here’s the simple two step secret formula for grabbing your audience’s attention without even trying…


Step #1. Make an Outrageous Promise – At the beginning of the Video Boss Launch sequence,  Andy Jenkins simply said that ‘Online video is the easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get traffic‘ The second half of his attention grabbing opening was ‘Online Video increases conversions and increases sales‘.


These promises are tightly focused on 3 key pain point that afflict us all. All website owners want these three things more than anything.


Your outrageous promise has to be laser focused on your niche’s major pain point(s) too… It has to be benefit driven and anchored in your business’s core strength. It has to be expressed in less than 140 characters and instantly give your target audience the gist of what is to follow so they will want to know more


Step #2. Justify That Promise Immediately – This should be broken into two parts. The first has to provide proof to support your promise and the second has to answer the question “Why should I listen to you anyway?”


Andy’s proof simply provided examples of the number of big launches that use video in their product launch sequence including the SEO Brains trust and the Magic Bullet System and finished off with a fact ‘Simple videos helped generate over $5,000,000 in sales in just a few days


He answered the question by simply stating his track record of success by giving three examples. This segued neatly into his launch story and why video works for everyone and not just the gurus.


– Note – Your audience will instantly start thinking of objections… for reasons why your system won’t work for them…  So telling your launch story is crucial


Fables and stories have been handed down from generation to generation for as long as anyone can remember. Often they were entertaining and educational at the same time and delivered a valuable lesson in the process. People remember a good story far longer than a list of dry facts and figures. They will ‘get’ the point you are making without you having to express it in words.


Chances are, that as a kid, you curled up to enjoy a bedtime story before your parents tucked you in for the night. We all love stories. Using them to deliver your message will hold your audience’s attention and give continuity and structure to your product launch too.


This is something I go into in some depth when I evaluate the product launch strategies of my subscribers in one to one 60 minute sessions. Getting your core myth right is not just about telling how you stumbled on the revelation that solved the core challenge faced by your audience. It’s about structuring it in such a way that engages them in your myth most effectively.


You can use case studies to illustrate parts of your story. To personalize those parts so they are easier to remember. To demonstrate the benefits being enjoyed already by people who have taken action. This will motivate your prospects and help them to move towards that same goal.  It will let them know that someone just like them, experiencing their pain, their challenges, their embarrassment, their condition, has overcome the exact same problem and now lives a much happier life because they used your system.


Giving them a vivid before and after picture shows your audience how they can transform their lives quickly and easily. It’s the perfect way to illustrate the use and benefits of your product or service. And remember, if you tell people how great you are you’re vain, if someone else tells people how great your solution is they’re proof.


If you want to get your product launch strategy evaluated absolutely free, all you have to do is book a time that suits you by going to my online calendar at and I’ll get straight back to you. Don’t forget that this is launch evaluation session is absolutely free. It’ll cost nothing but your time and the chances are that it will pay big dividends come launch day so you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain…



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