Product Launch: Growing the Circle of Trust

Product Launch Influence

Circle of Trust


Too many product marketing strategies are focused on just one thing – Growing their customer base – Converting prospects into paying customers is certainly crucial for the long term survival of a small business. But consider this. If you are perceived as the go-to brand in your particular niche by a much wider audience, the amount of business you derive from referrals will be limited only by the extent of your reach.


That’s why delivering valuable free content is so powerful especially if you do this during your pre-launch sequence.


Your audience is getting something that they will truly benefit from for FREE. This creates desire because they are getting closer to their goals.


Just as importantly,  you will be building trust. It is this emotional bond that will last beyond your product launch even after your cart is closed. It is this that will get your emails opened. It is this that will will give you the power to continue delivering valuable free content and the chance to invite them to join another launch list in the future.


After all, it may not be  your fault that they did not buy there and then – and 80% won’t. Yours may have been the right offer at the wrong time.


A digital product launch typically lasts 10 to 14 days. It is designed to prove to people that you are the real deal. You do this by helping them get results before you even mention your offer. This grows your circle of trust. You become the niche authority who is seen as having the expertise to interpret data and make it relevant to their lives.


Understanding that even the people who do not buy immediately are important to your business is vital. The larger your prospect lists whether they be of ‘friends’, ‘fans’, ‘followers’ or ‘subscribers’ the greater your reach and the greater your circle of influence. Product launch marketing is a great way of doing this quickly and effectively. A series of launches will ensure that you  leverage this influence to the max.



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Rory Ramsden