Product Launch Goals – No Launch Should Be Without One

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The first item on your to-do list and probably the most important in any product launch is to set yourself one specific and measurable goal. This will be your #1 priority. There will be spin-off benefits of course. However, every decision that you make when it comes to your marketing strategy will be informed by your #1 goal

Here are 5 product launch goals to chose from…

  1. Expert Status
    This is a powerful place to be. Being the recognized expert in your niche will make you the default authority that everyone turns too when they have a question.
  2. Grow Your Mailing Lists
    Yes… launching a new product is a very effective way to build not only your prospect list but also your list of buyers which is 10 times more valuable
  3. Boost Your Visitor Value
    Demonstrating to possible affiliates, how you have boosted your visitor value each time you have done a product launch to your list will make it much easier for them to define how much money they will make. A key metric in their decision to promote your stuff to their lists.
  4. Attract JV Partners
    May be you’ve already done an internal product launch to your list. If you have, there is little doubt that you have been strutting your stuff to potential JV partners. The smart ones will be on your list and will see how well you are doing. They will come to you asking to promote.
  5. Make Money
    Define how much money you would like to make from your product launch. Simply saying… $1,000,000 is probably not realistic so define the amount as a multiple of your existing turnover… say 3 months top line sales in 7 days.

Being clear about your goals will shape your product marketing strategy. Having a road map will allow you to choose which tactics to use to best meet those goals.

Think for a minute about what your product launch #1 goal should be. It doesn’t have to be one of the above. But if it isn’t leave a comment below and tell me what it is and why


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Rory Ramsden