Product Launch FAQ: When Should I Start Building a List ?


There’s not a moment to lose. The moment you decide to do a product launch is the moment to start building. You may not have even decided on the exact form your product will take but as long as you have identified your niche, start work on your list.

Start testing right away.

Once you have got one squeeze page up, put up another straight away. This will allow you to do some A/B testing to see which one converts better. Just change one big thing to start with. In this case, test which lead magnet resonates the most. This is useful market research and will guide your product development

Remember to use multiple squeeze pages

Drive traffic at your blog squeeze pages. Then you can Iframe a squeeze page into your Facebook business page. Not forgetting Linked In of course who now have 1oo million members where you can start a generic group for your segment of the market. There is no one place to start building but trial and error will tell you the best place for you. This is where your product launch will be focused too

The key is to drive lots of traffic quickly from multiple sources

If you are serious about doing a product launch you’ll have to have an advertising budget.  This does not have to be huge. There ways of making this pay for itself. But count of having to provide some seed corn funding. The best place to start is Facebook. The interface is easy to use. You can get highly targeted traffic. And the bonus is that their reporting functions allow you to narrow down your initial demographics with real data.

So look upon list building in two ways. The first is obviously that your creating a list of prospects

The second is less obvious until you think about it and that is that you are…

  • Verifing your market research
  • Testing landing pages for your eventual product launch
  • Finding out which lead magnet resonates the most which will drive your product creation
  • Using Facebook to build brand awareness – you only pay for the clicks but may get millions of impressions in your target market

So get going now, your product launch will be that much closer if you do.

Rome was not built in one day but in a series of well planned steps. Make your plan, define clear milestones and you will be able to measure positive progress towards your goal

And another thing

If all this makes perfect sense but you are not sure how to go about it or indeed how to develop your product launch marketing strategy then leave a comment below and tell me which ‘bit’ is giving you the most trouble.


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Rory Ramsden