Product Launch FAQ: What To Do When in “Launch Mode”

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When going into a product launch, you will be super focused on the sequence of events that you have planned.

Now, I’m not going to go in to the detail of all the copy you will have to produce or the video production or any other of the essential parts of any successful launch sequence.

Instead I will focus on the parts that you will have to manage – mostly on the fly – when you finally press the ‘go’ button and open your cart.

This is when you are truly in launch mode.

Launch Bonuses

When you send out ‘The cart is open ‘ email to to your list make sure that you introduce a ‘faster mover’ bonus for the first 50 – you pick the appropriate number here – to buy the  product. Talk about the additional benefits that this will bring all those lucky to have access to it.

–  Split Testing

There are a myriad of A/B tests that you should do by segmenting your product launch lists. These could include different email headlines, copy, landing pages, sales video or long form sales copy and even the bonuses you offer.. I won’t spell it out to you but your goal is to maximize the value that each person on your list brings to you.

Special Care

In all the excitement of your product launch, you may well forget to eat, sleep or drink enough water. You have to look after yourself. Make sure you get some rest and get outside for a breath of fresh air form time to time.

Plan to have some specialist technical help on hand. Do  not plan to have all your product launch content you will need done in advance. Shooting all your videos ahead of time is not recommended. Neither is fixing your sales copy. You need to be flexible so that you can react to events as they occur. Don’t forget your customer support team who need to be kept in the loop.

Then you will certainly have to shoot the ‘Fireside chat’ video as you take time out to answer the big questions being asked. You will also have to do some webinars with your JV partners to help them promote your offer and boost their sales.

There are a lot of moving parts in any product launch. As you get down to the wire the ‘pieces’ that you somehow missed or did not anticipate will surface and will have to be dealt with there and then. That’s why it’s always best to start small  with a small internal launch to a small part of your list. This type of beta product launch enables you to test concepts and ideas to verify what works best before you have the responsibility of working with affiliates too.

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