Product Launch FAQ: What Makes an Irresistible Lead Magnet ?

As Jay Rosenberg said in a recent comment The Irresistible Lead Magnet
It’s all about your mind-boggling offer
congruent with your opt-ins” and
he should know having been through 5
product launch sequences.

The key is to test one lead magnet against another. What you think is going to pull like crazy may not do so at all.

Here’s what matters…

Market Research

Get this right and you will be able to join the conversation that is going on inside your customers’ heads where you can bring a fresh pair of eyes to bear on what is driving them crazy with frustration and come up with an innovative solution. That’s the basis of your lead magnet

Identifying FAQs

Find a niche specific forum and monitor the questions being asked. Identify the most frequently asked questions. Make sure that you have paid it forward by becoming part of the community before jumping in with this question “I am doing some research on …….. (your niche) and was wondering if you could help me identify the top 3 questions problems that you have come across

An extremely Specific Promise

Now that you have done your research, the next step is to write a benefit driven headline that makes an extremely specific promise focused on the main frustration your audience is suffering. This is what will attract the opt-ins. Test until you find the one that works best. Then your content should set out to deliver the ‘what’ but not the ‘how’.

This is extremely useful market research. It will validate what you already think you know. Add fresh insights and help you focus your product launch on what really matters to your audience.

The quickest way to get results is through advertising. Drive your prospects to a video squeeze page. The video should be quick and simple. Tell people

  • What you’ve got
  • What it’ll do for them
  • Make a strong call to action
  • And what will happen when they opt in

Stage one of any product launch is to build a list. It does not have to be large but it must be very warm and responsive. To help you I have put together a simple process map which you can download here

And another thing

If all this sounds great but you are not sure where to start. Or indeed you need some help to get started. Just leave a comment below and tell me what’s bothering you


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Rory Ramsden