Product Launch FAQ: Should I Provide a Sneak Preview ?

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This is an excellent question and the answer is all to do with timing.

The object of doing a product launch is to build  buzz and anticipation in your core market. In short, you want to get everyone talking about it in the forums and social media long before launch day.

Keep everyone in suspense until the last moment. Build the excitement. Keep the product well hidden. Instead focus your launch story on the benefits that it will bring to those that are lucky enough to be able to buy it.

Think for a minute how a Hollywood producer builds desire in the market.

A clip of the best action in the movie is released as a trailer. The stars are interviewed on countless radio and TV shows.  A selected few with insider knowledge ‘leak’ information about key parts of the plot. But no-one ever tells you what happens in the end. Does the hero live or die?

Now translate this sequence into a series of 3 online events – Tele-seminars, videos or interviews with recognized experts in your market – that are designed to lead your prospects away from the pain they are currently suffering and towards the pleasure of having their issues resolved.

Your product launch should build excitement in a controlled and well planned pre-launch sequence so that when it finally goes on sale, there are queues of people round the block waiting to buy it.

Now you may think that this kind of product launch is hard to pull off with a new piece of software or an App but if it is truly innovative and addresses a crying need in the market place then it’s not.

Aim to provide an innovative solution that disrupts the market place so much it leaves your competitors scrambling to catch up and your product launch will be a success.

Pulling back the red velvet curtain to reveal your product in all its glory should only be done at the very last minute. When your customers are standing in line with their credit cards in hand

And another thing

If this all sounds great but you have no clue where to start, then I’d be happy to have a chat with you about your product launch on the phone/Skype. The aim would be to put you on the right road and establish a list of priority actions. The first 30 minutes is gratis and with no commitment on either side.


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