Product Launch FAQ: How Do I Position My Product ?

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Every successful product launch has one fundamental element. It has been expertly positioned in the market.

In the “Art of War“, the oldest military treatise in the world,  Sun Tzu emphasized the importance of placing his army to its best advantage in the physical environment as well as having a thorough understanding of his enemy.

In today’s world, where we are considering how best to multiply your sales, these two principles have been updated to mean

Market Research = Your physical environment

Knowing your audience as well as you know your best friend allows you to anticipate their desires and ensure that your product launch story resonates. Engaging your audience in this way is vital if you want to maximize sales.

Competition Analysis = Know Your Enemy

Very few marketers do a thorough analysis of their competition and then cross reference it with their audience’s desires which is why their businesses fail. They are condemned to life as me-too marketers because they are unable to innovate with certainty. The certainty of being able to disrupt the status quo by creating a new and innovative offer that your core customers are crying out for.

When you have these two marketing pillars in place, positioning your product launch to maximum effect becomes a lot easier. Knowing the landscape in which you are operating and the weaknesses of the competition makes taking decisions a lot easier. You have a clear vision of what needs to be done.

And another thing

If you have completed these two essential steps but are still facing challenges, then it’s time to go back to basics and ask yourself whether you have defined your goals in your product launch marketing strategy well enough.

There is a difference between goals and objectives. An army’s goal may be to defeat its enemy. Along the way it will have to achieve certain measurable objectives to know whether its winning or losing.

You, a small business entrepreneur, need to be clear about this. With clarity comes the ability to focus on the important metrics of your business and ignore the distractions.

A product launch is an awesome way of positioning yourself and your business as well as boosting your top line sales and building your list of customers.

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