Product Launch FAQ: How Can I Sell More At a Higher Price ?

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Good question. We’d all like to be able to sell more at a higher price to the clients we already have and have them love us more for doing it.

The trick is to be seen as the leading authority figure in your market segment. People are always prepared to pay more for a service from a trusted source. Providing layer upon layer of proof is what you have to do and in the process, you will make sure that you knock your new product launch out of the park as well.

For many small business entrepreneurs, this step is a challenge which is why doubling or even tripling their sales during a product launch is a big ask.

How many different types of proof can you think of ? There are 21 in total.

Here are 7 …

  1. The Powerful Demonstration – an impressive example of your product or service at work
  2. Results in Advance – A simple tactic that your audience can put to work immediately and get instant results
  3. Track Record – Don’t be shy about past successes.
  4. Powerful Association – Align your product with the name of a big well known brand who uses something similar
  5. Displays Of Knowledge – Establishing your expert status by providing insightful content
  6. Case Studies РInvite your best customers to show  the success they have achieved  by using your product
  7. The Sinatra Test – Simply it you can do it in the most difficult circumstances you can do it anywhere

You don’t have to use them all to prove your point

Use the ones that are most appropriate for you. Being seen as the expert in your niche boosts your credibility and your authority. Your audience will be more inclined to stop and listen. You will have more time to get the rest of your marketing message across.

And, you will triple your revenue by selling more units for more money

People are always prepared to pay more for a service from a trusted source. As the recognized expert, you will be that source. This is a powerful way to max out the revenue for your product launch. Spend time on building proof elements into your product marketing strategy.

Not sure how to put it all together? Just leave a comment below and tell me where you’re stuck and remember a product launch is a super powerful positioning tool that will confirm your authority position



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Rory Ramsden