Product Launch FAQ: How Can I Best Help My Customers ?

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The short answer is that you should focus on delivering real value with your product launch.

The longer answer is what Frank Kern calls the ‘5 Pillars of Kindness’ and here they are…

Know their desired outcome
We’ve talked about this before so I will not labor the point again. Suffice it to say that you must know exactly what is going on in your avatar’s head then you can zero in on his or her’s deepest wants and desires. People buy what they desire. They justify it later by explaining how it fills a need.

Here’s an example… You need to pay your taxes so you do. You don’t want to necessarily. It does not give you the greatest pleasure but you have to so you do. They are a by-product of your desire to earn money so that you can buy stuff that you just have to have… an ipad 2, a fancy car, a nice house or whatever turns you on. A fancy car will not get you where you want to go any better than an ordinary one. But you’re just on into ordinary cars, are you?

Overcome their scepticism
This is all about layers of proof elements. One on top of another that together build credibility until you take on the role of a trusted adviser. This is about creating the ‘triangle of trust’ – credibility, authority and likeability – that will put your prospects at their ease. By doing this, you disarm their BS meters and they are ‘open’ to what you have to say.

Demonstrate they can do it
During your product launch, you engage your audience in your launch conversation. But there’s another less obvious conversation going at the same time. This is the one that is going on in their heads. There’s that little guy at the back that keeps telling them “That someone else may be able to do it but I certainly cannot“. This is where the ‘Results in Advance‘ tactic comes into its own because it is designed specifically to overcome this lack of self confidence in your customers

Give them the tools to achieve their goals
Your competitors may have tools that may claim to do this. The question is why are your tools better? Are they more innovative? Do they offer more benefits, more quickly and more effectively? Are they more tightly focused on your avatar’s real desires? if so, what proof can you provide that substantiates your belief?

Motivate them to go further
You have to motivate your customers to take action. To have self belief. To put negative thoughts to one side and focus on consuming your product. The ‘Done-for-You’ option is always popular because it requires the least effort on their part. Simple attainable goals that bring big returns in terms of benefits have to be clearly defined. Each action that you motivate them to take must bring an instant reward. This will encourage them to take the next and the next and the next.

5 Simple and straight forward requirements to achieve success. Such simple ideas are distilled from hard won experience so you would do well to take them seriously. They have been tested by others in battle. Apply this structure to your next product launch and you will not go far wrong.

This may make perfect sense but that little man in the back of your head may be nagging you with negative thoughts. If you’re not sure or just want to find out more about how a product launch strategy can help your small business,  leave a comment below …


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Rory Ramsden