Product Launch: Drive Sales Sky High Without Sounding Hypey


Online or Offline, product launches are a fact of life. Steve Jobs perfected the technique whilst CEO of Apple. So much so that his products just fly off the shelves almost before they come into stock. Fans everywhere wait in eager anticipation for the new product launch as the buzz builds on social media properties and blogs. Right now, everyone’s talking about the Iphone 5.


So what’s the psychology behind their product launch marketing strategy?


One thing is clear. Apple don’t hype their products and nor should you. Using a step by step sequence of online events you can leverage the laws of influence in an ethical and customer centric way by guiding your prospects through an entertaining and educational process that helps them get results in advance before they are even aware that you are launching a new product.


By the time you pivot to tell them about it, they are fully engaged in your launch story and readily identify with you as a person that they trust and view as an authority in your niche. They have suspended disbelief and are ready and willing to listen to your sales message.


All you have to do is tell them exactly what your product contains, how much it costs and what they have to do to buy it. No hype. No BS. Just come straight to the point. That doesn’t mean thatĀ  you can ignore the simple human psychology involved in making a sale…


Here are the 6 major hot buttons to push


#1. Reciprocity – We are all hard wired to reciprocate for another’s generosity. If someone helps you to overcome a challenge, you feel obliged to reciprocate in some way… Which is why the ‘Results-in-Advance’ technique works so well. Your prospects act on your advice, prove it works for them and then want to know more. In the process, their excitement builds, disbelief is suspended, excitement builds and they feel obliged to you… all before you’ve even mentioned your new product


#2. Commitment and Consistency – Once stage #1 is underway, your prospects feel the need to follow the process to its natural conclusion. The further they go along the road with you the harder it is for them to quit. This need to complete what they have started is all down to ‘commitment and consistency’ and is a normal human reaction built deep into our psyche.


#3. Social Proof – If you drive into town looking for a place to eat and find two possibilities on opposite sides of the same street, one with lots of peopleĀ  in it and the other virtually empty, you are far more likely to try the crowded one than the other. That’s social proof at work. And you should do all you can to use it in your launch too. If there are 200 enthusiastic comments about your video, casual visitors are far more likely to stop and watch it too…


#4. Liking – People, including you, would far rather do business with someone they know, trust and like even from a distance than a complete stranger. That’s the power of a product launch. It takes that old long form sales letter and turns it on its side so it can be delivered in bite sized chunks that are easy to digest. This involves email sequences and online events – video or webinar – Your prospects see you or hear you. Their spidey sense gets to work and decides from your body language and your tone of voice whether you are a trustworthy likeable guy. You just have to be yourself and tell it how you see it…


#5. Authority – From the time we are babes-in-arms, we are taught to respond to authority. We are far more likely to trust someone whose advice we respect. Positioning yourself as the trusted authority in your niche means you can charge more for your products, sell more and attract new clients more easily. Doing this does not require some black art. It’s a process that is built into every successful launch.


#6. Scarcity – Now, you have engaged your prospect, proven that you are a straight up normal sort of guy whose advice is valuable, you are at that zero moment of truth when your potential customer has his cursor hovering over that ‘buy now’ button. This is when scarcity comes into play. We humans would far rather buy something that is in short supply than something that is available everywhere. Securing that rare product means that you are one of the chosen few. You are special. You have something that very few others have. You feel somehow superior… You must push this hot button to make your clients feel the same


Weaving these psychological triggers into your product launch doesn’t guarantee success. After all if you’re not delivering the right message to the right people at the right time, it doesn’t matter how many buttons you push. Your product launch will be anything but. So make sure that your launch strategy is finely tuned before you waste hundreds of hours getting launch ready. Just click this link and make a time to get your 60 minute free launch evaluation now…



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Rory Ramsden