Product Launch Disaster Prevention 101

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Putting your product launch together takes time so before you start you have to be sure that there is a hungry crowd out there willing to pay good money for what you have to offer.


Marrying up your passion/interest with a well targeted group of rabid buyers in your market is critical if your product launch is going to be a success. A passion with no willing buyers is a hobby not a business.


So be passionate about your business not your products. Don’t let your heart rule your head. Coldly analyze your niche to find what’s really ‘hurting’ your prospects or indeed what really gives them joy.


You will never make a bean unless you listen to the market and listen hard if you want to be successful. Focus your product on a tightly targeted pain or frustration that they badly want to get rid of. If you have identified several key pain points, then develop one product for each. Just like any major brand, your product marketing strategy must include a range of products. Each one developed for your specific target audience.


What you think will sell is probably not going to be what actually will sell. So refine your rough product idea and tailor it to meet the pent up demand in the market. Don’t spend time on product creation until you have verified that you are on the right track. If you are an information marketer, here’s the process to follow…


Stage 1 – Find out what is working in the market place now

  • Identify your competitors
  • Put their sales pages into to check how much traffic they are getting
  • Sign up as an Affiliate/JV partner and test their offers by driving PPC traffic at their sales pages. Focus on the click through rate. You will know very quickly which offer resonates with the market and which one doesn’t.

NB: If the project fails at this stage, you will have saved yourself from almost certain product launch disaster and only spent a few hundred dollars. You will have tested your original idea and probably come up with a few others to test too. Rinse and repeat this process until you find the one that resonates most strongly before moving on to stage 2


Stage 2 – Your Big Idea

  • Define how your product or service is different
  • Write the top six benefit packed bullet points for your product
  • Create your lead magnet – This is your product blueprint so be ready to edit it as often as you need until it is  really pulling a high CTR
  • Build your opt-in page – Will this be plain and simple or a video squeeze page ? Find out what works best in your market.
  • Drive PPC traffic and test, test and test again – Finding out which headlines work best and even which colors to use where will boost your CTR
  • Teleseminar/Webinar – invite your prospects to join you on a teleseminar in which you interview an expert author on your chosen niche subject
  • Q&A – Illicit as many questions as you can . Even offer a prize for the best question. It’s important to find out how your audience is thinking
  • Survey – Running a survey will give you even more valuable feedback
  • Phone Calls – Follow up with phone calls to dig even deeper into the psyche of your market


Now you have a very clear idea of what your core audience really wants, you can  invest the time and money in the product creation stage with confidence and get yourself launch ready


This is simple 2 step method that will almost guarantee product launch success. No-one wants a disastrous launch on their hands. All that wasted time and effort not to mention the opportunity cost. Whilst you’ve had your head down developing your product and putting together your launch sequence, you would surely have missed out on some valuable business opportunities.


They would certainly have had a higher ROI than that product launch disaster


So verify that your idea resonates with your market before you do anything else. You know it makes sense


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Rory Ramsden