Product Launch: Challenge v Problem – What’s the difference?

Product Launch Challenge



OK… Here’s a question for you. What is the difference between a ‘challenge’ and a ‘problem’? This is not a word game. Nor is it semantics. When doing a product launch, having this clear in your head will ensure that you communicate effectively with your audience.


The best way to illustrate the answer is with a quick story – as always – Let’s imagine that you have been invited to a high profile wedding which is set for 30 days from now. Your wife wants to look gorgeous  – doesn’t she always ?- and has her eye on a new wedding outfit.


She’s been to the shop and tried it on several times but she has decided she needs to lose 6 pounds to really look the part.


So the ‘Challenge’ is to look great by sliding effortlessly into that wonderful new outfit – This is the the overriding desire or ambition –


And the ‘problem’ is how to lose 6 pounds in 30 days ? – This what is keeping her awake at night.


When you create your product, you must have both of these key elements clear in your mind. The challenge differs from micro-niche to micro-niche but the problem is always the same. That’s why your product launch story has to be tightly targeted on each challenge. Only this way will it truly resonate with your prospects.


That’s why doing one product launch after another, each focused on a different challenge will always be more successful than doing one and trying to appeal to several audiences each with a subtly different ambition. That way your launch story cannot talk to one desire. You have to modify your language. Broaden it in fact. And by doing that, you lose the power to push specific mental triggers.


So make sure that your product launch is as focused as you can make it. Choose the niche where you can sell your expertise at a premium price to people with money who will instinctively put a far higher value on it than the price you are asking them to pay for it.


And what determines the difference in value that people will pay? I’ll answer that in my next post


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Rory Ramsden