Product Launch Case Study: The Quilting Launch

The Quilting Product Launch

The Quilting Product Launch


The Quilting Product Launch… The average quilter is a 55 year-old woman so you could make the mistake of  immediately jump to the wrong conclusion. But you’d be wrong. The same mental triggers – anticipation, storytelling, scarcity etc – work as well here as in any other niche.


Chuck Smith decided to get his revenge. He slapped back at Google with TWO quick product launches which together were worth $7,000.00 in a tiny little sub-niche…


Now a lot of people may have suffered at the hands of the great Google monster and had their main source of traffic whipped away from them. But who can say, that they sprang into action and did even more business as a result?


It just goes to show that building your own list is the best way possible to control your own destiny.


Both were digital products


The result… Even with his traffic problems, Chuck had his best month EVER.


Oh, one more thing… this product launch had nothing to do with Internet marketing – it was in the QUILTING market. In fact, it was in a tiny little sub-niche of the quilting market.


Case Study Name: the Quilting Product Launch


Who: Chuck Smith


Niche: Quilting


Product: The first launch was a Chuck’s digital product for quilting enthusiasts. The second one was for a competitors digital quilting product that Chuck promoted as an affiliate.


Total Sales: The first one did approximately $3,000.00 in gross revenue, the second “affiliate” promotion took place just a few weeks later to the same list and brought in $4,000.00 approximately


Additional Facts:


Chuck has done product launches before, so when he suffered his Google set-back, he pulled out his tried and tested Product Launch Marketing Strategy and just repeated what had worked so well in the past


– This launch was not about Internet Marketing. It was NOT for a high-priced product.


– Chuck said that after he launched his product and did so well he “got a bit greedy” and decided to do the affiliate promotion…


– KEY POINT: His “affiliate product launch” was to the EXACT SAME LIST and he did it only TWO WEEKS after the first one… But the results actually EXCEEDED the results from the first one. The important takeaway is that you should NOT be afraid to keep launching things for your list.


– ONE MORE THING: A great and inspiring lesson is that when Chuck had his Google problems, he decided to TAKE ACTION. Instead of crying in his soup and HOPING things would get better, he did something – he put together two launches and had his best month ever


– Using a Product Launch Marketing Strategy is almost a cash-on-demand situation. Chuck says that he has gradually learned that he doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel. The stuff works, so just go back and do it again…


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Rory Ramsden