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This product launch case study demonstrates that you don’t need a high priced product before you consider doing a seed launch. In fact Kyle put this membership site launch together based on a monthly fee of only $10. One thing in his favor was that he partnered up with a digital publisher who already had a following and a warm relationship with a strong list


Kyle Battis and Tom Venudo generated $15,000.00 a month from a $10 digital product…And, in the process, created a very successful, on going business.


This is a great product launch case study, because it shows what can be done with a low-priced product and no affiliates or JV partners


The results were really powerful – any time you put 1,500 paying subscribers into a membership site in just a few days, you create a strong, robust revenue stream that is going to keep ticking over month after month with a very low unsubscribe rate. Something a higher priced program might not enjoy.


So you could call this yet another “Hidden Product Launch”


These are going on day after day in niches large and small with no partners to promote them. You just don’t hear about them. That does not mean that they are not driving big sales, building large lists, and giving a turbo-shot of INSTANT MOMENTUM the businesses involved. They are…


Case Study Name: The Membership Site Product Launch


By Whom: Kyle Battis and Tom Venudo


Niche: Personal Fitness




Total launch sales: 1500 sales at $10 per month… continuity income of $15,000.00 per month


Additional Facts:

– Kyle said the whole process was “plug and play” – they just followed this product launch strategy every step of the way


– The launch created so much interaction with their target market that Kyle and Tom were able to identify future backend products that they plan to produce and launch to their list


– There were ZERO partners and affiliates for this launch… it was entirely done with Tom’s existing list


– Tom and Kyle already have their next product launch planned… this one will be with partners and affiliates


– Given their success, Kyle and Tom expect to leverage future product launches so that they can raise their prices


ONE MORE THING: after seeing the success of this product launch, the big goal is to put 1,000 people into this program. If successful, that would generate income of $100,000.00 a month, or even more if they raise the price.


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Rory Ramsden