Product Launch Case Study: The Internet Business Mastery Mastermind


Are you planning your new product launch ? Do you need some help to put together your timeline? This case study of Jason van Orden’s Platinu Mastermind Launch will reveal the way that he brainstormed his using Google Docs [you should also take a look at which is a free project management tool for this]


Perhaps you have never done a launch before and are wondering how to get started. Or maybe, the one launch you did by reverse engineering one that you followed did not work out quite as well as you had hoped. Well, don’t worry, you are not the first to have such problems. This case study will certainly get you started in the right way…


#1. Brainstorm Your Timeline – A product launch can take anything from 4 to 17 days depending on how far into the series of launches that you have planned you are…


Product Launch Timeline


In that simple spreadsheet, Jason simply put the date for each action on the left hand side, then as he moved across the page, he identified the list to which the content was to be sent and finally the type of content concerned. Think of a launch as a sequence of emails leading up to and away from one of your online pre-launch events [either an educational video or webinar]


#2. Sideways Sales Letter – Having set out his critical path, Jason could then sit down with his copywriter and create the emails needed on each occasion. Think of this email sequence as a sideways sales letter. Instead of asking your prospects to read an old style 20 page sales piece, aim to break it up into bite-sized pieces. Each one designed to build anticipation and train your prospects to take action.  [Remember, he already had a clear picture of what content he was going to deliver in each of his three pre-launch events]


#3. House List/Launch List – Jason had several thousand people on his ‘house mailing list‘. These prospects had signed up to get regular podcasts from him. His task now was to get as many as possible to transfer to his ‘launch list’. Then he would have ‘permission to send them more mails than usual. He created several simple squeeze pages like the one below and offered them an ‘ethical bribe’ to opt in to his new list. Many marketers skip this step which is a big mistake.


Product Launch Squeeze Page


Note: He had not mentioned the product he was launching at all. He was just moving the free line by giving his community great tips and information that he knew they would value really highly


#4. Hot Buttons and Mental Triggers – We humans are nothing if not predictably irrational. If someone has a secret we want to know it. If something is exclusive and not therefore generally available, then we want it more than ever. If places are limited, then that scarcity makes us want that object even more [Dan Ariely has written a good book on the subject called  ‘Predictably Irrational’, of course] Jason pushed these hot buttons in an ethical way during his mastermind product launch


#5. Webinar – Just to gauge the impact of his pre-launch sequence, Jason invited everyone on his launch list to join him on a webinar just before he opened his sales page and shopping cart. He wanted to be confident that people were ready to buy [There is nothing worse than going ‘LIVE’ only to find that your people are just not ready to buy and remember Jason was selling access to a $5000.00 mastermind which was open to a very few new people so he had to be sure that they were fully primed and ready to buy]


Product Launch Webinar


He decided to test the waters by offering people on the webinar [50% of the number of registrations for any webinar are no-shows on the night] When he had finished delivering even more valuable content [he also spoke to the concerns of his prospects too] he just invited people to jump to the front of the queue and buy before the official opening day. To his surprise and delight and despite the fact that he had had only enough time to put together a very simple sales page, 20 people bought then and there… $100,000 in revenue


He knew that a lot of people had not been able to make it o the LIVE webinar so he reasoned that if he offered these people a replay, they might well buy the other 20 seats before he even opened the opportunity up to everyone.


He was right. The rest of the seats in his platinum mastermind sold on the back of the replay. His shopping cart never officially opened. His launch story had resonated so strongly with his audience that there was no need.



  • Jason Van Orden has a strong on line brand in his Internet Business Mastery business so he has a strong track record and a committed following.  Don’t expect to be able to sell such as high priced product yourself, even if your industry peer group  recognize you as an expert, without providing proof in abundance that you are a trusted authority
  • Make sure that you invite people on your house list to join your launch list and then invite those people to join your early bird list. Not to do so would seriously annoy some people
  • Webinars are a powerful way to deliver great content but make sure that you structure yours well. Ones you have listened to may well sound unscripted but they aren’t
  • Audio podcasts are a great way to deliver content. Check out the ‘Podcast Answer Man‘  to find out more


OK, there are 4 big lessons. Leave a comment below and tell me what the biggest thing you learned was?





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