Product Launch Case Study: The Back To The Future Launch

Product Launch Case study - The book Launch

Michael Stelzner of launched the site in October 2009. It’s not even two years later and 80,000 + people have subscribed to receive his daily emails. The company revenue for the first year was $1.7 million dollars. Itself, a testament to the power and effectiveness of his product launch strategy.


He had zero previous experience of social media marketing. His start up costs were a mere $4000. Don’t run away with the idea that a complete newbie to the internet could replicate the same results so quickly. Mike did have an established address book of contacts on which to call. AND a track record for being the ‘King of White Papers’. These were key assets in his launch strategy


Within 2 weeks listed the site in the top 100 small business blogs. Today, it is second only to


So what was his launch strategy ?


In a nutshell, he took Apple’s Genius Bar concept to more than 44,000 on Facebook – Three social media experts answered questions in real-time, round the clock…


It’s all spelled out in his new book ‘Launch’ which describes the paradigm shift that is going on in marketing on the internet




Case Study Name: The Back to the Future Launch


By Whom: Michael Stelzner


Niche: Social Media


Product: Book – Launch – How to quickly propel your business beyond the competition


Strategy: Give away the first chapter of the book free – The Elevation principle – then engage with people in your network to help them achieve their goals with no thought of any reward.


Additional Facts:


– To quote from the book “Fewer than one in three people trust marketing messages, according to Edelman Digital’s annual survey of trust.”


– The key to your success is not to think of your needs but to build relationships with people in your core audience. By helping them get what they want – before you even think of sending them a marketing message – you will build your credibility, authority and therefore be seen as trusted adviser when you come to do your product launch


– Michael sees this key principle as a paradigm shift in modern marketing. The days of the ‘snake-oil-salesman’ internet marketer are over. With 1 in every 9 people on the planet now having a Facebook account now is the time to face the new reality.


– Michael looked hard at the social media market before launching. He researched the competition and knew how he could make a difference. This original approach was new as were his launch tactics.


– Michael gives three firm takeaways at the end of our interview that you need to take special note of.


One More Thing: If you have a product launch planned in the next six months AND you download the first chapter of  Michael’s book, I’d be happy to jump on the phone with you and help you pinpoint the weaknesses in your launch strategy. It’ll cost you nothing but your time. It will bring things into focus and pay massive dividends on launch day. This product launch evaluation service is designed to help you get your product to the launch pad so that you can take your business can become the next Social Media Examiner  Contact us now to find out more.




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