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Product Launch Power


Chet Womach had a major purchase to make – a wedding ring… so why not use a product launch to pay for it?


And that was just the start…


After his “Wedding Ring Launch”, he followed up with another in the spring that did more than $74,000.00 in one week. And both of these were in a “hobby niche” that had nothing to do with “making money” or “Internet marketing”…


From his first product launch to his second, he tripled his results.


Case Study Name: The Ring Product Launch


Who: Chet Womach


Niche: A hobby niche, exact niche undisclosed though it was an e-commerce not digital product


First Launch Total Sales: $17,000.00


Second Launch Total Sales: $74,000.00


Additional Facts:


The first launch paid for his engagement ring to his fiance (now wife) Sally. The second should pay for an around the world trip for his first anniversary. 🙂


Chet says that by using a coordinated product launch, he has been able to dramatically raise his prices. His second launch had a price point of $197, when the highest price he had ever sold at before was $97.


During his second launch, he sold 16 units in the first 15 minutes (that is $2,995.00 in sales) and 191 units in the first 24 hours (that is $37,627.00 in sales).


Both of these product launches were in a “hobby” niche – they were NOT in the “Internet Marketing” niche


KEY POINT: Chet’s first product launch was based on this Product Launch Strategy but did not follow it exactly. For the SECOND, he did… and his results improved from $17k to $74k. That is an improvement of 435%.


– According to Chet, these tactics work great in small niches, because those markets have never been exposed to Product Launch Strategy techniques.


– His third launch will be for a continuity product (a monthly subscription service) in the $25 a month range. Chet is already deep into the planning for this product launch.


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