Product Launch: Can You Afford To Ignore Customers On The Move?

Product Launch Customer On The Move

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Let’s face it we are all on the move pretty much all of our working lives. And we all have smart devices in hand to help us stay on top of our emails and in touch with the office. Knowing this, what’s stopping you integrating a mobile element into your new product launch strategy?


I mean, how many people do you know who have an Iphone, Ipad-like-tablet, Android enabled device or a Blackberry? I bet if you stopped to think or indeed, just looked around you in the departure lounge, you would pretty quickly figure out that there are significant number of people ‘connected’ all of the time


Even when you go shopping, you find people standing right next to you in the aisles doing a quick search to compare prices in other stores. This trend is accelerating fast so by the end of 2013 the majority of web browsing will be done with mobile devices.


It’s time for you to get to grips with mobile. It’s time for you to add a well structured mobile element to your next launch. I’m not advocating that you go commission a ‘vanity’ app. I’m suggesting that you take a hard-headed approach and gradually increase the number of mobile tactics and techniques that you use when doing a product launch.


By the way, the product launch principles can be applied even in the smallest product push. The key is to work in the sweet spot where online meets off line meets mobile and move prospects and customers from one platform to the other until they walk into your business on main street…


Launch marketing has become increasingly sophisticated since first arrival of blogging and email campaigns. With the creation of internet capable mobile devices, users are being offered new content that provides a more complete mobile experience.  The linchpin of all mobile marketing campaigns is the ‘Simple Messaging System’ which is nowadays producing a recognizable ROI when coupled to coupons and QR codes


This text messaging service delivers quick time sensitive messages based on position and demographics and achieves open rates that most email marketers can only dream about.


Marketing agencies can consequently deliver appropriate ‘just in time’ marketing messages in a respectful way. The key word in that last sentence is ‘respectful’. Focus on delivering value. Focus on helping your customers get what they really want more than anything and they will thank you for it.


The crucial bonus with SMS messaging is that it doesn’t matter if your someone just has a feature phone. You can still reach them with a simple coupon offer or a click-to-call request. There is nothing like adding an incentive to move your people to take action and build engagement.


Adding a mobile element to your product launch will put you ahead of the curve. You will be moving with your customers as the majority of their browsing transfers from their laptop to their tablet, to their ‘phones’ and in to their pockets.


The vanguard of entrepreneurs have already moved into this new space and as first movers will establish their brands as the leading lights in their niches because they have not faced much competition. Once you had a choice. Now, if you fail to evolve, you will get left behind and finally…


Well, you can work that out for yourself


Smart devices  are a regular part in a consumer’s everyday life company. The older ones may prefer the Kindle Fire but all age groups now find that the convenience of using them has transformed their lives.


Take this opportunity of finding how you can boost your top line sales figures by doing a mobile enabled product launch. Just book a time that suits you by going to my calendar now… It won’t cost you a dime



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