Product Launch Buzz Building Strategy

Product Launch Buzz Building

It's a Mystery


Buzz building for your next product launch is all about firing up the rumor mill and being coy about exactly is coming down the tubes. There’s nothing like a bit of mystery to get tongues wagging. In the process, your aim is to elicit questions and possible objections to your offer. Right now, you have have a concept, an idea, an intuition about your product and the problem you intend to solve.


Put out cool stuff


Your thoughts have not crystalized yet. They are still in the round so it’s time to put our some cool stuff on your blog and and see what comes back by way of first hand reactions from your core audience to see how well it resonates.


Ask questions on Facebook, Twitter, Quora and Linkedin. Get involved in the conversation that follows. Link back to relevant posts and build your follower lists


Don’t forget the niche forums where your tribe hang out. Listen to the conversations going on. You’ll pretty soon pick up the general direction of the conversation and get a feel for the language being used.  So start to chime in by answering questions and paying it forward.


The message you give will be the response you get.


Now it’s time to use those insights by running LIVE webinars or teleseminars. Deliver real value. Interview a respected author if you are not comfortable going solo to start with.  Help your audience to get closer to their goals. You’re not in selling mode here. Your goal is to build an emotional bond with your core market and listen for questions that you have not considered before.


These will help you refine your concept and position it effectively


Next is what I call the ‘How am I doing‘ survey where you ask open ended questions. The nuggets of gold that are the insights you will receive are priceless. Use a an incentive which has to be delivered by courier because then you will get names, addresses and phone numbers.


Don’t breathe a word about your upcoming product launch


Up till now, your market research has been at arms length through on line detective work and pure research.  But zeroing in on the deep psychological pain and desires requires you to engage your market first hand. When you ring  to confirm dispatch of your gift is the time to casually open a short conversation.


Take the opportunity to ask whether they wouldn’t mind you phoning back for a longer chat at some other more convenient time. Now you can drill down and surface the real problem. Leveraging this vital information to fine tune your product launch by creating a crushing offer will maximize your chances of success.


Using this buzz building strategy will build your credibility with a core group of fans. The webinars will position you as an authority in your specialist area and you will have built a core group of subscribers to your prospect list. The stage is set for your first seed launch.


Never plan on doing just one product launch: your product marketing strategy must include a sequence. Each one building on the power of the last. Got something to add ?


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Rory Ramsden