Product Launch: A 3 Legged Stool and 6 Launch fundamentals

Product Launch 3 Legged Stool

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Being in front of the curve with your new product launch by fully integrating mobile – and that includes social media – makes sense especially when you realize that in as little as 18 months more people will be browsing the web from their mobile device than from desktop. Brands like ‘Vitamin Water’ are already doing it.


They drove people to their Facebook Business Page in preference to their own website in a recent campaign.


That is not to say that I’m advocating abandoning your trusty product launch blog. Not at all. Just that you now have to optimize it for mobile browsing and making sure that you have comments integrated with your FB page. Don’t forget to provide every opportunity for your readers to share your content either.


You do not own the real estate on which your business page sits – you’ve just occupied some space in Mark Zuckerberg’s mall – but that should not be a problem if you abide by his T&C.


Once you’ve got your page set up, the next step is to boost the number of visitors. The quickest way to do this is simply to buy some FB advertising. This doesn’t work exactly the same way as buying PPC traffic. With Facebook, you can be a lot more granular about targeting your ideal customer by specifying age, gender, location and education


But you do have to think laterally


Just targeting your main group of keywords may not get the results you want so consider your avatar’s interests. Where are they likely to hang out? What are their interests? Can you target your competitor’s business pages? The more tightly targeted your ads are the lower the CPC


The other thing that is a big deal with a FB ad campaign is the image. It has to catch the eye. Testing different images will quickly tell you which one is going to convert the best.


Critical mass is reached when you get to 1000 fans


With Twitter, you have to make a ton of status updates everyday. With Facebook, it’s not the same. Posting too many updates can be down right annoying so go easy and space your posts out over the course of the day.


I’d recommend you focus your momentum building efforts on Facebook and These are the 900 lbs gorillas with the lion’s share of the traffic.


Your goal with the latter is to build a list of subscribers fast. The best way to do this is by subscribing to – PC only – Then overtime you post a video they will be notified automatically.


Now you can churn the traffic from each property by driving your Facebook ‘fans’ – I hate that term – at your YouTube channel and your Youtube subscribers at your exclusive content on your business page and both of them at your blog and vice versa.


Constructing a three legged stool on which to stand your online business gives you the means to execute a fully integrated product launch marketing campaign or what I call ‘Friction Free Launch Marketing’.


You just have to add your mobile strategy, the one we discussed yesterday, and your new product launch is ready to go stratospheric.


But remember, all the delivery vehicles in the world – for that is what we have been discussing – will not guarantee success.


For that you have to have

#1. Know your core audience
#2. A powerful core concept
#3. An overwhelming offer
#4. A compelling launch story
#5. A measurable goal
#6. A marketing strategy


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