Product Launch: 9 Steps To Seed Launch Success

A Seed Launch is Quick And Easy To Do

A Seed Launch is Quick And Easy To Do



A seed launch is the first product launch that you should plan to do in the build up to your big pay day


You can do one without a product or a list of prospects. That’s the beauty of doing a seed launch. It’ll get you started towards your goal quickly and easily


Your goal is to get your prospects to help you create your product whilst you build a highly responsive list of engaged customers who will spread the word.


The three proof of concept questions you must answer before you start…


  • Who is your ideal client ?


  • What is the competition ?


  • What is your big idea ?


Now, you’re ready to rock and roll, so here’s how a seed launch works


Step #1: Set up your webinar with at least 2 squeeze pages to take registrations – the first on your launch blog, the second on your Facebook business page


Step #2: Buy PPC traffic – good opportunity to test headlines – and Facebook advertising and drive traffic at your webinar registration pages


Step #3: Invite at least one recognized authority in the market to join you on the webinar. This is not a pitch fest but an opportunity to deliver valuable information based on your core idea. Your aim is to help your clients take one crucial step towards their goal using the tactic you have given them


Step #4: Encourage your audience to ask questions. Consider offering cool prizes – something that really resonates with your audience – for the best questions. Take careful note of the questions being asked. They are often objections dressed up as a question.


Step #5: Before you sign off, thank everyone for coming and remind them that the second webinar in the series will answer the questions you have not had time to deal with and give them the results from the survey that you have set up to get more detailed answers


Step #6: Email attendees reminding them to complete the short survey to be eligible to download the webinar transcript


Step #7: Record the webinar and encourage the no-shows to listen to the replay and complete step 5 above


Step #8: Continue to drive traffic at what has now become an evergreen webinar


Step #9: Encourage everyone to Tweet and comment on their Facebook profiles using your selected hashtag. At the start of webinar #2 talk about the number of people who have connected with you, commented etc… This is valuable social proof


OK… So right now that looks like a simple 9 step process for creating a successful webinar series


It’s what happens next that transforms your seed launch into a product launch


You have the edited transcripts from your webinar series. You have taken special care to drill down and identify the root causes that prompted the best questions. By the sheer numbers who attended, you have validated that the demand for you product idea. From Facebook Insights you have verified the demographics from your original market research. And you have built a listĀ  šŸ™‚


Just two moreĀ  thing left to do… Put together your product and bundle it into an overwhelming offer


Then move to stage 2 of your product launch marketing strategy. This is where you launch your shiny new product to the list you have created and turn those prospects into buyers.


Leave a comment below and tell me what subtle twists you could add to this seed launch strategy…


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Rory Ramsden