Product Launch: 8 Ways to Minimize Shopping Cart Abandonment

Product Launch: Shopping Cart Abandonment

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You’ve worked 24/7 to engage your prospects in your product launch conversation. Finally, you arrive at launch day. Your shopping cart opens. There’s a flood of potential buyers but the percentage of shopping cart abandonment is disappointingly high.


How can you fix this…?


As many as 75% of online shoppers fail to complete a purchase by abandoning the shopping cart so, if it’s any comfort, you are not alone.


Here’s a checklist of 8 ways to reduce the problem


#1. Make the Payment Process as Easy as Possible – Don’t ask for more information than needed to complete the process. The simpler you can make it the better.


#2. Upsell Hell – Forcing customers through an apparently endless sequence of upsells, downsells, cross-sells, each more frustrating than the last is just inviting people to quit and never come back. If you are going to have an upsell, make it highly targeted and something of real value.


#3. Ensure that your site is running at optimum speed – Pages that take an age to load almost force your customers to leave however much they want to buy. Check the speed in different browsers too…


#4. Offer the major credit cards +PayPal –  Offer as many payment options as you can and make sure they are clearly promoted so the risk of abandonment because you don’t offer the right card is minimized


#5. Instill a Sense of Security – Display site security seal logos – VeriSign, Entrust, RSA and SafeNet – close to the form where your customers have to enter their details and make payment


#6. Follow Up Those Who Abandon – Create an email sequence in your favorite auto-responder which offers an incentive – a coupon or special bonus – to complete the transaction or better still use a voice broadcast system. Make sure you build in scarcity by limiting this special offer to say 24 hours from receipt


#7. Implement an Abandoned Cart Recovery Script – so the customer is able to return to the point where they left off.


#8. Live Customer Support – A simple search of Google will give you a long list of services to choose from. This is certainly worth testing.


A product launch is packed with technical details so make sure that you have experienced tech support on board to ensure that they are checked and double checked. This will leave you to focus on your prospects. Being able to respond on the fly is vital.


You cannot just pre-plan your whole product launch and let it run… Unless of course, you have thoroughly tested all your copy, landing pages, videos and email sequences and know they are 100% optimized. If you want to get your launch plans evaluated for FREE, it would be my pleasure



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Rory Ramsden