Product Launch: 5 Ways To Get Better Results Quicker And With Less Effort

Product Launch 5 Ways

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Here are 5 ways to get better results out of your product launch marketing strategy more quickly and with less effort. My first launch would certainly have run more smoothly with fewer all-nighters had I had all of these in place before I started. The more you can anticipate in advance, the less stressful the whole process becomes. That’s not to say that you won’t have to revisit some of them afterwards to focus and refine your message in the light of the feedback you get… because you will.


Essential Element #1. Build a Launch Team – Your role is to connect with your core audience. People want to buy from people they know, like and trust. They have to believe in you so build a team of experts around you who can handle all those unexpected surprises that come your way. You have to manage your time and focus on the important things and subcontract the rest… Benefit: Less stress, more sleep and a long term asset you can depend on


Essential Element #2. Video Production Team – Strictly speaking these guys are part of your launch team but in this day and age they merit a special mention because video is ‘soooooo’ important. No big launch can happen without well scripted video and the higher the production values the better.  You may think you have a perfect face for radio but get over it. Your prospects are not interested in what you look like but what you can do for them… Benefit: Professional looking videos produced in next to no-time and a better connection with your audience


Essential Element #3. Launch Content – You wouldn’t believe the number of people who start a product launch without having their launch content planned out, drafted and ready to go. You will certainly want to make changes in response to comments made or questions asked. But having something in place that you can just edit or add to quickly will  make your life a lot easier.


Essential Element #4. Unannounced Bonuses – An overwhelming offer is par for the course. Being able to add unannounced bonuses in the lead up to launch day, during your actual launch as well as after your cart closes ensures that you really do over-deliver on your promises. Doing this is the most effective way of transforming a new customer into a lifetime client who will have no hesitation in referring you to friends… Benefit: Personal recommendations are a powerful way of winning new business.


Essential Element #5. Swipe Copy Archive – You don’t have to be stunningly original to be a good marketer so having a swipe copy archive made up of copy that top marketers have used in their launches will mean you can adapt what works for them to suit your needs. This will foreshorten the optimization time needed to get your  launch sequence pulling in new buyers… Benefit: Better results quicker and with less effort


The big secret to a successful product launch marketing strategy is that the more launches you do for your product – new or evergreen -, the more you will optimize your strategy and the more you do so the more momentum you will build and the more money you will make. One of our most important criteria when selecting new clients is to evaluate your willingness to do a series of launches.


As product launch managers, we are not really interested in doing a one off product launch. It’s kind of hit or miss. But working with a client who understands that product marketing is all about gradual improvements both to the offer and to the process behind it, ensures that together everyone will achieve their goals.


If you’ve got a launch coming up in the next 6 months, get in touch. We’d love to talk over your plans and make sure that you are on the right track. It won’t cost you anything but your time and may pay huge dividends come launch day… Book a time that suits you now



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