Product Launch – 5 Tips For Unknown Authors

Product Launch for Authors

J.K. Rowling


Marketing is all about your audience’s perception. It’s about your credibility, your positioning and your expert status… Not your book! Edeleman’s Digital Survey found that one in three people are skeptical about marketing messages.


So that leaves you with a challenge, however amazing you think your new book may be. The fact is that it won’t make you a dime unless you   make it as easy as possible for your target audience to convince themselves that you are the real deal.


Approaching the market determined to pay it forward by giving away a ton of FREE content that will help people get what they want is the best way to build momentum towards the start of your product launch sequence… And build your credibility


#1. So let’s take a quick reality check


Have you written your book to appeal to a tightly focused target audience?  Does it address the major challenges that they face. In short, is it relevant? If you can tell a prospective reader what it’s all about in 140 characters or less then, carry on reading. If you can’t, then stop reading immediately and get that down on paper now


No doubt before you even put pen to paper to write your book, you were careful to trawl through all the Amazon book reviews on your subject to find out what readers loved, hated, thought was omitted or not relevant. Now you could also check for questions on the topic too. There’s no point in repeating mistakes made by your fellow scribes.


#2. Product launch Preparation


Let’s surface one fact straight away. Your book is a product just like any other. It may be your baby. It may be that you have burned the mid-night oil to finish it. It may be that it breaks new ground but when all is said and done it’s just a product and unless you take a dispassionate point of view on it’s launch as a commercial entity, you have lost before you start.


OK… so we have come to terms with the brutal truth.


Now you have to write a synopsis in less than 50 pages or less. We’ll give this away as a taster to people in exchange for their email addresses. I won’t bore you with technical jargon here, suffice it to say that by building a list of readers you can email them with further news whenever you like. This is key to the success of your book launch


#3. Building Momentum


This phase is all about getting attention, causing a stir and building excitement. Being interviewed on radio, TV and in the broadsheet newspapers is essential. But you have to use all the tools at your disposal. That means organizing tele-seminars, building a Facebook Business page, contacting bloggers with a following in your market and asking them to review the book, doing interviews with these authority figures and making videos. I could go on. Your marketing strategy should be designed to pull all the levers available


#4. Be Controversial


Just being controversial for the sake of it will soon get you found out unless you can back it up with hard facts. But there is no doubt that having something novel and original to say will make people talk about your product launch. This viral element will boost the chatter on social media and encourage people to ‘Like’/Share your posts.


#5. Slice it and Dice it


How much will you make from each book sale?  It’s certainly not a lot when the publisher has taken his cut not to mention your agent. It’s you who dedicated the lion’s share of time, expertise and experience so consider how you can optimize the return on your investment. Speaking at literary festivals or book fairs might help to promote the book but how much do they boost your bottom line?


There’s a lot to be said to boosting the ‘thunk factor’ by slicing and dicing your distilled knowledge and presenting it in as many different modalities as you can think of.


How many authors are there like JK Rowling? The Harry Potter franchise is said to have grossed $4 billion. 1% of that would certainly be nice to have. Yet the number of authors who even make that are few and far between.


We live in a digital age. Just about anyone can upload an ebook on to’s kindle site and you should too. But that is just the beginning of the process.  People respect published authors. They are looked up to as authority figures. This sort of positioning is a valuable pre-requisite. Make sure you leverage your status to the maximum.


I’d be happy to jump on the phone with you and help you flesh out this launch strategy with you. It’ll cost you nothing but your time. It may even be that we can make a product launch out of your book. Contact us now to find out more.



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Rory Ramsden