Product Launch: 5 Key Ways To Overcome Buyers Remorse


Buyers remorse crowds in the moments after your new client pushes the ‘Buy Now’ button. To counter these self-doubts, your product launch strategy must have a built in stick strategy to reassure him and remind him of the very good reasons why buying was the right decision to make


The emotion that he felt as he decided to buy drains away and he is left with questions . Questions like… Did I do the right thing? How can I explain this to my family? Can I really afford it? and many many more etc…


You have to join this conversation straight away. Your aim is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to bond with your product. To take ownership by enabling quick wins. By showing that you care. By valuing their decision to put their trust in you. By reassuring them that they’ve done the right thing…


Here are 5 key ways to thrill your customers and overcome buyers remorse…

#1. Give instant on-line access to the product – Show the full extent of the product

#2. Say Thank You – Tell them that you really appreciate their decision to buy

#3. Welcome Video – Reiterate the features, advantages and benefits of your offer in a welcome video overview

#4. Give an unannounced bonus – Not just something lying around on your hard drive but something they will genuinely value

#5. Make it easy to take action straight away – by delivering your quick start action pack.


Chasing the doubts away. Turning their attention to the future. Proving to them that you have under promised and over delivered. Prompting them to take action… Makes them feel better and produce tangible proof that they can do it and show other skepticsĀ  that they can too.


All these help them to reaffirm their decision for themselves.


Making it easy for your new customers to cross the rubicon of self doubt and move forward is a crucial to the ongoing success of your product launch. It will reduce the percentage of returns to a minimum.


They will also be reassured by your guarantee so to reduce returns even further, plan on makingĀ  a second push to stave off the doubts that surface in the lead up to the time when it runs out. You can do this by announcing a second unexpected bonus for those who stick with you.


By doing this effectively, you will boost the value of each click. The higher the value the more likely it is that you can attract JV partners…



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Rory Ramsden