Product Launch: 4 Simple Tips To Make Yours Go Off Like a Rocket


Here are 4 simple tips to keep your product launch on track. They are lessons learned from hard won experience at the coal face.


Product launches have been around ever since marketing became recognized as a science. And they are certainly not confined to the internet marketing space  – Just about every mega picture that ever left a Hollywood studio is promoted using a very similar system to build buzz and excitement. They take billions of dollars as a result – The process really does work.


And the reason is simple- they convert prospects into buyers


The excitement and the scarcity created by the time limited nature of your offer means a windfall of sales in the space of a week.


So here are 4 simple tips to keep in mind…


#1. Hire Help Right From The Start –  For most solo-preneurs, this is the most difficult. They just hate to delegate. But the fact is that you cannot be the best at everything so if this is your first launch, it certainly would pay huge dividends to work with a trained product launch manager. There are many ways to cut a deal and its not as expensive as you might think.


#2. Plan For the Worst Case Scenario – and hope for the best. There are a multitude of moving parts in any product launch. All of them have to be integrated and tested. Never just assume that it all works. It won’t. You may be ambitious for a million dollar pay day but don’t rush to market and blow your credibility. It pays to start small and work up to your big day


#3. Manage Your Energy Levels – You may get so focused on getting your launch ready that you forget to look after yourself. This is a mistake. If you feel tired, take a break if only for a 20 minute power nap. You will make fewer mistakes if you do and the job will get done quicker.


#4.  Launch Timing –  Pick a launch day 3 months out and work your critical path back from there. If you find yourself slipping behind then extend your launch day. The more launches you do, the more swipe copy you will have and the more systems and procedures you will have templates for. Pretty soon, you will be knocking out one product launch after another – stacking launches is a really powerful strategy


If you want to do a product launch in the next six months – it could be for a new product or an existing one – get your launch plans evaluated by a fresh pair of eyes. It will cost you nothing but your time and will pay huge dividends on launch day.  We’ll cover 5 key areas of your product launch strategy in a 60 minute phone conference and make sure that you are really on track to achieve your goals…



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Rory Ramsden