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Yesterday we talked about how to hook prospects in with an attention grabbing headline at the start of your product launch sequence. Now you have hooked them in, you have a fleeting moment to hold their interest long enough to engross them in what you have to say…


So how do you do that ? …Well, here are three tips


Tip #1: Counter-Intuitive Content


Writing content that surprises people because it goes against the generally accepted status quo sucks people in and makes them want to read more. Saying that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and take exercise more is just not going to cut it. It’s generic. But saying that you can dine out every night and still lose weight runs counter to common expectations.


In the same way, the common wisdom is that you should sell a product that appeals to the maximum number of people, when actually you should narrow your niche and target a very specific group. Doing so boosts your prices and your conversions.


If you’re looking for seductive, counter-intuitive content in your area, your market, your niche, one of the easiest ways to find it is to do searches in some of the social bookmarking sites like delicious, Stumble Upon, etc.


The reason these sources are so good at throwing up surprising data is because that people only bookmark content that  has caught their eye … which proves the point


Tip #2: Revelation Trumps Explanation


Any time you can connect the dots for someone to the point where they go “Ah-Ha! I get it now,” is extremely powerful. Storytelling is a one of the best ways of doing this. People have learned from stories being passed down by word of mouth for centuries. If you can make yours fun and exciting, they become entertainment too and are likely to be remembered long after the dry explanation has been forgotten


Tip #3: Introduce an Antagonist


Doing this gives you a reason for your actions. The antagonist might simply be the challenge that people in your niche are struggling with. Or, if you are doing a quick product launch  over 4 days  it could be the reason for the scarcity in your offer. One way or another, your prospects will naturally want to join forces with you against the  perceived ‘enemy’


When you think about it, the power of these types of content is their immediacy. They make an impression. They are memorable. When you do a product launch you will find that that there is a lot of copy to write. The skill is to make each word you write earn it’s place on the page whether that page be an email, a blog post, a video script or a sales letter.


Writing content that grabs people’s attention and makes them want to read on is a powerful skill. If you want to learn how, read best selling authors and then re-read. Then your product launch will connect with your audience…



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Rory Ramsden